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Each week IrishEyes offers a collection of the best sound bites from the Notre Dame players and coaches and comments from the opposing coaches and players. This week features the best quotes of the week from Notre Dame and Purdue. This piece also includes Christian McCollum's game prediction.


Weis on everyone drinking underage:

"Not me."

On whether coming home after a loss is calming:

"There's nothing calming after a loss. Losses are no fun."

On the package installed for Tate's reverse:

"It wasn't quite the Miami Dolphin package, by the way but, you know, we had a whole package of plays from that formation. We just didn't get to some of them because of how the game went."



On hearing about his father's football talents:

"I used to go to Homecomings at his college, Tennessee State University. As a young boy, everyone would come up to me, ‘Your dad could catch a BB in the dark.'"


On pressuring the quarterback, but not getting sacks:

"It's like when you go out to dinner. If I've got a choice to eat hamburger or steak, I'm going to eat steak. Too many times we're eating hamburger right now when really we could be eating steak."

On getting players to play with passion:

"If you're not on the edge, you're taking up too much space."


On what he would have done last week on Kory Sheets' winning run:

"I would have tackled him."


On Eric Olsen's hair:

"He's a great mentor when it comes to hairstyles, he's had the same one since he's been here. I take a lot after him, I've learned a lot."

On Clausen's hair:

"He can't have a nice haircut with that head he's got…He looks better, but he's still got some work to do."

On Curtis Painter's experience:

"Curtis Painter has been there for almost forever."


On Mike Anello:

"Obviously being big, being strong, being fast helps out tremendously in playing this game, but the essence of the game comes from your mind and your heart."


On the kicking competition between Brandon Walker and Ryan Burkhart:

"It was brief."



On how Purdue evaluates its players:

"I always tell players every year the three things you need to do to get on the field at Purdue. First and foremost, you must be healthy so you can get out there and practice and we can get to learn things about you. Two, you have to learn your assignments because if we can't trust you when we put you on the field, we're not going to put you on the field. Number three, you have to answer the question, ‘Can you help us win now, not in the future?'"

On the rivalry with Notre Dame:

"It's perhaps most important to Purdue fans, then next Purdue players, then Purdue coaches. I say that because we treat this game like all of the games we play in that they're all important. The difference is, let's not kid ourselves, we're playing on a different stage."

On the Irish blitzes:

"Is it going to come up your left side, right side, up the middle, where is it going to come? They like to confuse you with their style of play in terms of numbers of looks that you're going to see. Like I said, we'll probably see as many (blitzes) in this game as we've seen in the first three games combined."

On the hype about Jimmy Clausen in 2007:

"The notoriety that surrounded Jimmy Clausen when he first came to Notre Dame, everybody thought he was the next Joe Montana. He may leave there being that, but that's an awful huge burden to put on someone's shoulders as a true freshman."

On the recruitment of Ryan Baker:

"I can't go through that. We don't have enough time… He, quite frankly, hasn't been the player that maybe the recruiting hype would have suggested he should be. But he's stayed the course. He's playing his best football right now. But he's always been good for our football program, always from day one."

On Notre Dame Stadium:

"There's a good half dozen stadiums that I really enjoy playing in. Notre Dame is one of them. Ohio State is one. Wisconsin is one. I enjoy the excitement of the crowd and the idea that you've got thousands and thousands of people cheering against you."

On following Michigan State's success offensively:

"We'll have to get into the game and see what we're doing best, not what Michigan State did the best. We're not Michigan State."

On Kory Sheets' juke to win the Central Michigan game:

"I taught him that move Friday night up in the ballroom."


Notre Dame 24, Purdue 21: An early Brandon Walker field goal ends up being the difference in this one. Michael Floyd, Golden Tate and Armando Allen score touchdowns while David Bruton and Brian Smith combine to force a couple of turnovers, including one at the end to seal the victory.

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