Thomas still undecided on final two visits

<P>Joe Thomas has already taken 3 visits this year. He has two visits left. Who will he visit with his final two visits? </P>

I spoke to Joe Thomas last night and got an update on his plans for his final two visits. "I have two left and I really don't know who I will visit. I haven't really thought about it yet. I have a bunch of coaches coming in this week and I will decide then. I hope to have them set up as soon as possible."

Joe ended his season with an 11-1 record and was named co-defensive player of the year in Wisconsin. I asked Joe if anyone was recruiting him to play defense. "There are a few but most are saying offensive tackle. Some are keeping it open. It's tough to say which I prefer. I like both but I will probably play offensive tackle in college."

I asked Joe if he has changed his mind about a vist to Notre Dame. "I don't think I will visit there because I have been there a number of times. Coach Mattison is coming here on Tuesday. I will probably take my visits to other schools but Notre Dame is still high on my list."

So who is high on Joe's list? "I would say Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Nebraska."

Comments. Joe said he plans to announce sometime after Christmas in early January. He wants to take the Holiday season and talk it over with his family. I can't begin to pick a leader between the three. Top Stories