Thomas is down to final visit

<P>Travis Thomas has already visited 4 schools. He has one final visit to Boston College this weekend. He is getting very close to making his final decision. When should we expect that decision and which team is he likely to choose? </P>

Travis Thomas has already visited Purdue, Notre Dame, Iowa and Northwestern. He has a visit planned for Boston College this week. I caught up with Travis to find out what his plans are after his final visit.

"I have the visit to Boston College this weekend and then I will be committing somewhere shortly afterwards. It's getting closer to my final decision."

I asked Travis how his Iowa visit went. "It wasn't bad but it's not Notre Dame."

I asked Travis if Notre Dame is his leader now. "They always have been. I just didn't want to say that to everyone. Coach Denbrock was here today for about two hours. I think Coach Willingham will be here on Sunday. I just really like the school and the education."

I asked Travis who else is in the race at this point. "Pittsburgh is my other school. I think there is a really good chance to play early there and it's close to home. I like the school but my Mom really wants me to go to Notre Dame. My entire family does and pretty much everyone I know."

I asked Travis if it were likely he would commit to Coach Willingham on Sunday if that goes well. "I would say there is a very good chance of that. I will still visit Boston College but I should have a decision very soon."

Comments. Travis is very close to committing I believe. It sounds like a formality is all that is standing in the way. If Travis does commit to Notre Dame, that would be a very good thing. He is a great kid and will fit in well at Notre Dame. Top Stories