Practice Report: 9/30

A light afternoon drizzle forced the Notre Dame football team inside the Loftus for its second day of practice this week in preparation for its game Saturday against Stanford. The Irish were dressed in full pads and the media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes. As always, Irish Eyes was on the scene for your report.

Athletic director Jack Swarbrick made an appearance at practice on Tuesday.

The mood at practice was good, but still businesslike. Sounds bounce off of the walls indoors, so it can sound a lot louder than it really is.

Special teams coach Brian Polian took the kickers back outside when they finished stretching while the rest of the team remained inside.

Despite being limited to just one field inside, the squad broke up into their typical position groups for individual work, although the tight ends worked with the offensive line during the first 20 minutes. The line and tight ends went over assignments and schemes against different fronts. The same first group got the majority of the reps.

The quarterbacks got their arms loose while the receivers worked on their starts, figure-eight and four-cone drills. The running backs worked on their agility and ball security over bags before working on pass blocking.

The defensive linemen practiced their starts and then using their arms against offensive linemen. Jappy Oliver shouted, "Make them throw the ball. Shut down the run and make them one-dimensional." Jon Tenuta put the linebackers through drills to work on taking proper angles and angle tackling.

The defensive backs had the most energy of any of the groups at the start of practice. After working on their breaks, Corwin Brown put the defensive backs through high-tempo drills to work on getting off of blocks and making tackles. Robert Blanton and Ray Herring seemed to have developed a healthy competition between each other. The duo seems to get matched up against each other all of the time and every rep is among the most spirited.

In the first drill, Brown was encouraging the ‘offensive' player to hold the defensive back to make it difficult for him to get off the block. When Herring tried to hold Blanton, the freshman spun Herring to the ground and made the tackle as his teammates cheered loudly. But, as a ball-carrier during the angle tackling portion, Herring got the best of the rookie by delivering a solid blow. Top Stories