Practice Report: 10/1

Wednesday was a cool day at the LaBar Practice Complex as Notre Dame had its third day of practice this week in preparation for its game Saturday against Stanford. The Irish were dressed in full pads and the media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes. As always, Irish Eyes was on the scene for your report.

The sun tried to peak through the clouds, but there was a slight drizzle and it was definitely the coolest practice of the season. Charlie Weis had some fun with John Latina, who wore sweatpants, a hoody, a jacket and a hat. "You got enough stuff on? You need some gloves?" Weis joked.

Freshman and California native Dayne Crist was definitely feeling the cold. Jimmy Clausen asked him if he wanted some sweatpants, "If they offered me some I would take them," Crist said.

Ron Powlus walked by the freshman and said, "Dayne is freezing."

During stretching, Powlus went over some reads with Clausen, but for the most part it was relatively quiet.

We got a chance to see how Weis relates with his offensive assistants now that he no longer calls the plays. Weis was walking by tight ends coach Bernie Parmalee as Parmalee was discussing a particular play with Powlus and Clausen. Weis said, "You're going to run what out of trips?"

Parmalee told him the play before realizing that they weren't going to run it out of trips, but another formation. Weis simply said, "I'm glad I checked," and kept on walking.

Weis was back in the golf cart on Wednesday after spending last week and the start of this week walking around practice.

The players broke into their typical position groups after stretching. The quarterbacks did linework before getting their arms loose. The wide receivers practiced their starts and ball security and then ran routes around cones. The tight ends worked on ball security and one-on-one blocking. Will Yeatman was back out there today and appears to be healthy enough to play but, like Weis said, he will not be out there until his off-the-field matter is resolved. The running backs did agility drills over bags before working on catching balls.

Latina was not as happy as his usually is and raised his voice a few times while the offensive line was going over different schemes. Latina had to correct Sam Young once and was unpleased with the speed of the entire group on another rep.

The defensive line worked on their starts and using their upper-bodies to control opponents. The linebackers practiced taking proper angles and fighting off blocks. Jon Tenuta shouted, "No missed tackles this week." The defensive backs worked on their backpedals and tackling.

Athletic director Jack Swarbrick was in attendance for the second straight practice. Top Stories