Practice Report:10/2

The Notre Dame football team was inside for its fourth day of practice this week in preparation for its game Saturday against Stanford. The Irish were dressed in shorts and shells and the media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes. As always, Irish Eyes was on the scene for your report.

Thursday is music day at Notre Dame practice and while the selections are still heavily slanted toward the head coach, the players' music is included more now.

David Grimes and David Bruton perform an intricate handshake at the start of stretching, similar to the kind that you would see in a Major League dugout, while Terrail Lambert and George West simply bow to each other.

Rob Ianello and Bernie Parmalee went over a wide receiver-tight end route combination during stretching. At one point, three generations of the Powlus family were on the field as Charlie Weis motioned Ron's son onto the field, followed by Ron's father.

After stretching, the players broke up into their same individual groups for agilities. The quarterbacks spent the first 20 minutes getting their arms loose. The running backs worked on their agility and ball handling over bags before practicing catching the ball and blocking. The tight ends worked on ball security and catching the football. Joseph Fauria's hip that bothered him early in camp is no longer an issue and he seems 100% healthy.

The offensive line went over different schemes and fronts. Taylor Dever lined up as a tight end in one look. The wide receivers practiced their starts and ball security before catching deep balls from Ianello. Michael Floyd's athletic ability is on display every time the wideouts do the one-hand catch drill. All of the receivers can pretty much catch it with one hand, but none make it look as easy as the freshman.

The defensive line worked on their swim moves at the start before practicing getting off the line. The linebackers worked on their angles and their hands for interceptions. The defensive backs practiced their backpedals, inside-outside tackling and stripping the football. Top Stories