Weis: Comments Got Attention

It's obvious that Charlie Weis was not upset to hear Stanford's Chris Marinelli's negative comments about Notre Dame. Weis might have been offended, but it clearly gave him a chance to light a little something extra under his players and he took a chance to make a joke when asked about on Thursday evening.

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Charlie Weis laughed. "No, I always like to tell the truth and believe I'm telling the truth, we might have discussed that today."

While comments like Marinelli's are typically labeled ‘bulletin board material,' these got some extra attention.

"This one got more individualized attention," Weis said. "It didn't have to go to the bulletin board."

The comments that were made were the type that would almost never come out of a player in The Gug.

"I don't think it's an indictment of anyone else and I don't think it's a psychological ploy, I think that there's just a way of that we believe in doing things the way we believe in doing things here," said Weis. "That's from me, my assistant coaches, our players, we'd like to try to do things a certain way. I use it as much as anything else as a teaching lesson about being respectful, trying to help the media do their jobs, but handle yourself as best you can."

As head coach, Weis has to worry more about the problems that the Cardinal will present on Saturday. Weis broke his top concerns down into three categories.

"First of all, I'm worried about them trying to ram it down our throat in the running game. They saw (Javon) Ringer, they saw (Sam) McGuffie, different types of runners, but they saw some people have some serious yardage against us. They're averaging just about 170 a game running the ball with multiple backs. Although I'm complimentary of their passing game, that's the first area of concern defensively.

"Before I even get to their defense, I think that the comment that I've read multiple times is the unit that they feel they've dominated every game so far this year is their special teams," he said. "So obviously, that's an area of concern.

"And then defensively, when they go back and forth in and out of packages from their four-man front to the three-man front. They have Odd and they have Odd Diamond. When they go back and forth between these different packages, it presents some mental pressure on our offense as well as some physical pressure to make sure you don't end up turning somebody free."

On Notre Dame's side, the concerns at the tight end position are no lighter this week outside of the fact that freshman Kyle Rudolph played his best game yet against Purdue. There is no change in the status of Will Yeatman.

"It's still pending. I obviously don't know all of the details, I read the press release yesterday. I feel bad for all of those kids that were involved in that, I feel bad for my two kids that were involved. I find it peculiar that the only guy that is mentioned out of 37 guys is one, is Will," Weis said. "I don't know all of the idiosyncrasies and I don't proclaim to know them, but I just find it ironic that there's only one person mentioned. The whole background of one person and for that I feel bad."

If Yeatman is cleared to play, Weis said that there would be no wait to get him back out there.

"If he were cleared of all of the stuff that he had to do on a Friday, I would play him on a Saturday," said Weis.

Also, Luke Schmidt is still out with a concussion and it could be awhile be for he gets back.

"Luke's still out. He got banged in the head and didn't get banged in the head very hard and got groggy. That concerns us because he's had concussions before and when you get hit this time without a big hit and you don't clear up quickly, that's a concern," Weis said. "I'll tell you, 100 out of 100 times, myself, Jim Russ and the doctors will always err on the side of safety when it comes to something related to a head."

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