Zeke and Destroy

As Zeke Motta was walking into Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday afternoon during his official visit to the South Bend campus, the four-star safety/linebacker from Vero Beach, Fla., saw a sign.

The fan-made sign read, Zeke and Destroy.

Zeke Motta loved it.

"The coolest thing I thought," Motta said. He also took pictures with Irish fans and signed autographs during a trip that was highlighted by a 28-21 Notre Dame win over Stanford.

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound Motta, who is still considering the Irish, Florida, Auburn and Boston College, was visiting Notre Dame for the second time. He camped in South Bend during the summer, and he and his father made the return trip together.

"I loved it," Motta said. "I loved the whole atmosphere, it was great. It's hard not to love it when you have weather like that, and people like that around you."

Motta was hosted by freshman safety Dan McCarthy, and spent a lot of time with him, freshman defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore and five-star running back commit Cierre Wood, who was in town on an official visit as well. Motta also got to see how he meshed with the Irish team.

"I fit in with all the people around here," Motta said.

It looks like Motta fits in to all defenses too.

So far this season, Vero Beach High is 4-1, with Motta racking up 30 solos, 15 assists with five of those tackles coming for loss. Motta also has two sacks, an interception, three quarterback pressures, a pass breakup, three fumble recoveries, three forced fumbles and one pass break up.

Motta got some one-on-one time with Notre Dame linebackers coach Jon Tenuta before the game.

"He basically said he wants me to play where Harrison Smith is playing," Motta said. "We kind of just talked over some schemes, and basically I'm going to be blitzing a lot. I know that's how he likes to do things."

Motta likes that too, and he definitely watched No. 22 run around the field and make plays against Stanford. Motta was impressed with Smith's leaping abilities, as he tried to jump over an offensive tackle trying to prevent him from getting into the backfield.

"He was high up," Motta stated. "He was so high.

"I can get up there now, but I prefer to finesse a guy. I'm going to give him an outside step and rip under him.

Smith had three tackles, but he was active most of the afternoon.

"He had a good game," Motta said. "It was cool watching him and seeing how they do things."

Motta got in on Friday just after the team walk thru. He went to the pep rally and enjoyed listening to defensive end Pat Kuntz get the fans hyped up, and then went to dinner.

"I got the double porterhouse, and it was the biggest steak you could ever imagine," Motta laughed.

Motta got to hangout on the sideline before the game, and the locker room after the win.

"The game on Saturday, that was excellent," Motta said. "It's hard to explain your feeling when you have this type of weather."

Following Notre Dame's first touchdown, the Irish student section got Motta up for pushups.

"I was warned a little earlier, but I had no objections to it," Motta said. "It was fun. I know Cierre and Marlon (Pollard) did 21 of them. I got it early so I only did seven."

Before leaving on Sunday, Motta got some one-on-one time with head coach Charlie Weis.

"It was just us talking, me, my dad and him, about how I fit here," Motta began. "That I have to make the right decision for me and everything like that."

Motta isn't sure when a decision will come.

"I don't know if we need to make anymore officials," Motta said. He has also taken official visits to Boston College and Auburn, and has visited Florida unofficially.

"I don't really know. I'll talk with my dad about it and go over these past weeks, and kind of think about it, and hopefully make a decision soon."

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