Practice Report: 10/7

It was a breezy afternoon at the Labar Practice Complex as the Notre Dame football team had its second day of practice this week in preparation for its game Saturday at North Carolina. The Irish were dressed in full pads and it started to drizzle toward the end of the 20 minutes that the media was allowed to view. As always, Irish Eyes was on the scene for your report.

The energy at practice seemed good, at least for the first 20 minutes.

North Carolina native Raeshon McNeil was badgering teammates for tickets during the stretching period. Backup quarterback Evan Sharpley said that he would keep McNeil in mind, but also said that he would try to hook up linebacker Kerry Neal, another North Carolina product.

The team's third North Carolina native, freshman Robert Blanton, was the loudest I've ever heard him during stretching and yelled to someone that they were no longer ‘welcome over here.'

The funniest part of stretching involved partners sophomore Brian Smith and senior Justin Brown. Brown was playing around with Smith as he stretched his legs. Smith fired right back at Brown.

"You play too much," Smith said. "You act like a damn fifth-grader and you're a fifth-year senior, like 25 years old. You should have a family with some kids and bills, but you're out here acting like a third-grader."

There were no new kickers at practice that I saw and, as usual, no one kicked a football during the first 20 minutes. So, we'll have to wait until tomorrow for any word on that situation.

The team broke from stretching into its typical position groups. The quarterbacks did nothing but get their arms' loose while the media was in attendance. The running backs did agilities over bags and the figure-eight drill before running through the gauntlet. The wide receivers also did the figure-eight before their four-cones drill.

The tight ends worked on catching, ball security and one-on-one blocking. Will Yeatman had a hearing with the school today, but Weis said that he did not expect an immediate resolution and the senior was out there practicing with the tight ends. The offensive line ran through agilities before hitting the sled and working on staying low.

Jon Tenuta was loud for the start of practice as he put his linebackers through drills to work on proper angles, tackling and zone coverage. Tenuta shouted to Steve Quinn during the angle session, "Quinny, stay off my bags."

The defensive line worked on getting off the line of scrimmage before practicing to use their arms and doing seat rolls. The defensive backs worked on their backpedals, angle tackling and defending deep balls.

Charlie Weis had his golf cart out there again, which gave him some cover from the rain. Weis drove over to the defensive line before heading to the quarterbacks. Top Stories