A Hill Of A Weekend

In the locker room following Friday night's 41-31 upset victory over Adrian High, Chelsea (Mich.) High running back Nick Hill wasn't exactly sure of his stats. The class-of-2010 running back was thinking he rushed for about 220 yards or so.

Nick Hill was way off.

The 5-foot-8, 185-pound Hill carved up the Adrian defense to the tune of 310 yards on 23 carries, including touchdown runs of 69 yards, 54 yards and, 49 yards. That doesn't even include the final 55 yards of a hook-and-ladder play that Hill ran with to the end zone. Every score was crucial in No. 7 (Division 3) Chelsea's win over No. 2 (Division 3) Albion, in front of a standing-room only crowd.

"It blew my mind, I couldn't believe it," Hill said of when he finally saw the stat sheet. "I thought it was going to be low 200s. I was like oh man, I couldn't believe that.

"I knew this was going to be the game that was going to spark the big-time schools offering me. People are always asking if I have speed, and I think this shows them. Because of my height, they wonder if I have speed or not, and I think Friday answered their question. Especially against a team like Adrian. They're ranked second in Division 3, and third overall in the state of Michigan in the Super 10."

The weekend kept on getting better for Hill, who already holds scholarship offers from Stanford, Central Michigan and Eastern Michigan. He made his second unofficial visit of the season to Notre Dame on Saturday.

The staff asked Hill to come to South Bend early in the morning, and Irish assistant coach Corwin Brown was one of the first people to greet Hill.

"He asked me, 300 yards, am I correct," Hill said. "I said nah, it was more like 310, 320. He was like okay, okay.

"He was basically talking to me, saying we really like you right now. We like the film you sent us and he really wants to see the film from the Adrian game. He said he likes me a lot and thinks I can really fit into their offense."

Hill visited with the entire Notre Dame coaching staff, and introduced himself to offensive coordinator Mike Haywood. Apparently that wasn't really necessary.

"He said I heard you had a game last night," Hill recapped. "He was like, what were the yards again? I told him 310, 320. He was like how far were the runs, how far were they?"

On the drive to South Bend, Hill was hoping he'd soon pick up a scholarship offer from the Irish staff.

"Yes and no," Hill answered when asked if he was disappointed that he wasn't offered. "But they haven't seen my film. I possibly think after they see my film, they will offer me. But I was told their recruiting is slower than a lot of other peoples, and they're not going to rush and offer you. They're going to check and see everything before they offer you."

Notre Dame has been checking on Hill for awhile now. They were around much of last season, when as a sophomore, Hill rushed for 1,700 yards and 26 touchdowns, helping lead Chelsea to an 11-1 record and a spot in the regional championship game.

"I'm showing interest in that school a lot because they were the first school to recruit me last year as a sophomore," Hill said. Besides the schools that have offered, he is also hearing from the likes of Michigan, Michigan State, USC and UCLA. "It's kind of stuck with me. It's a beautiful campus, they got great tradition, and academically I could come out with a good education. Overall, I'm at a loss of words for the school."

Hill, who bench presses 320 pounds and squats 550, attended Notre Dame's home game against Michigan State last season, and was in the stands for the win over Michigan earlier this fall. For the Stanford game, he brought in his whole family with his Dad, Mom and two little brothers making the trip.

"On the last touchdown when they made 28 points, the students lifted my little brother up and they caught him on TV," Hill said of his four-year old sibling. "I thought that was pretty cool for my little brother."

Maybe in the future, Hill will get his chance to shine on NBC.

All in all, it was one of the best weekends in Hill's young life.

"Without a doubt," Hill stated. "A great game on Saturday and a great game on Friday according to a lot of people. I just did my thing out there."

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