Kenny Scott set for his visit this weekend

<P>Notre Dame has struggled to land the top corner prospects in the nation for years. The Irish are hoping they can change that this year and Daytona Beach, FL prospect Kenny Scott would be a step in the right direction. Kenny is set to visit Notre Dame this weekend. Do the Irish really have a shot at this great player? </P>

"I have all my visits set. I visit Notre Dame this weekend. Florida State next weekend. Florida on the 20th. Tennessee on January 17th and Georgia Tech on January 24th. I am looking forward to all my visits and I will take all my visits."

Kenny has had a lot of in-home visits this week. "I had Florida State and Georgia Tech on Tuesday. I had Notre Dame and Florida on Wed. They all went very well. I am just taking it all in."

I asked Kenny what he and Coach Miles spoke about. "We talked about a lot. The school, the program, where I fit in and how much they want me. What really impressed me the most was their graduation rate. 94% of all students that enroll in Notre Dame graduate in 4 years and it's over 90% for student athletes. That was really impressive to me."

Everyone speculates that Kenny won't leave the state of Florida and he will likely end up at Florida State. I asked Kenny to comment on that. "You know, it's even more even then it ever has been. The visits will be the deciding factor for me. I will know where I want to go when I am on my visit. I want to give each school a chance so I plan to take them all but I think the visits will tell me where I feel most comfortable. It really is pretty even between all the schools."

Comments. To get Kenny to visit is a small victory for Ty Willingham and his staff. Notre Dame has a shot. We will know more about Kenny in the next two weeks. Kenny's thoughts on Notre Dame will be interesting but we will have a better idea after he visits Florida State. Top Stories