Greg Olsen will visit Irish next weekend

<P>I spoke with Chris Olsen Sr. about his son Greg last night to get a little update on Greg and his plans for the recruiting season. Greg will visit Notre Dame next weekend as his team is playing in the state championship game this weekend. </P>

"We play in the state championship game this weekend. Greg has been playing well and has had a very strong senior season for us. He really has played well this year."

I asked Chris if Greg had finalized his visits. "Well, we went to Tennessee last weekend. We had the week off so we went down there. That was nice and Greg got to find out more about Tennessee and their situation there. Greg will visit Notre Dame next weekend and then Miami the following weekend. He has a visit scheduled for Michigan on January 10th. He hasn't set his final visit yet. I hope he does soon so we can get it down to just 5. I am not sure who the last visit will go to. There are a lot of schools he is considering."

I asked Chris if he has had a lot of coaches coming by. "Yeah, we have had a lot. Notre Dame will be here tonight. I think his visits will tell him all he needs to know. I am not sure if he takes all 5 but he plans to."

I also asked Chris Sr. how Chris Jr. was liking his first year at Notre Dame. "He is really enjoying it so far. He feels like he fits in well with the team and the students. He really wants Greg to come play with him. He is a competitor so he would like to be playing but he understands his situation. He is doing very well in school so far."

Comments. Chris Sr. and I have an understanding and it goes back to last year with Chris Jr. When something is about to happen, he will let me know. I don't bother him with a leader or Greg either at this point but I still say Greg will sign with Notre Dame. Top Stories