Myers Hits The Camp and Combine Circuit

Mason Myers and his father spent a lot of time on the open road this summer.

The 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive tackle/offensive tackle from Oklahoma City, camped at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas and Notre Dame. He also went to combines in Texas and all across his home state.

"We drove everywhere," Mason Myers said. "Trying to get myself out there."

Schools are responding.

The Westmoore High standout is hearing from the Sooners, Kansas, Clemson, Iowa State, Duke and Texas Tech. The Irish staff sent him a questionnaire.

Myers is hoping to hear more.

"I like them," the class-of-2010 recruit said. "I like Notre Dame and I just thought it would be a wonderful trip and experience. I got a letter from them asking them to come to the camp, and I said what the heck I'll go for it. I always wanted to go up there and check out the campus and it was an awesome experience.

"I went up there with four buddies. The weather was wonderful compared to Oklahoma. It's so much hotter here than it is there. I saw all the monuments and stuff. I got to see Touchdown Jesus and the Stadium, and the church."

Myers is still looking for his first scholarship offer. This fall, he's already attended four Oklahoma games including the one against Texas, and admits that an offer from Bob Stoops would be tough to turn down.

"Born and raised," Myers stated of being an Oklahoma fan. He also attended a game at Kansas, and plans to visit Duke in November. He's in regular contact with all three of those coaching staffs.

Notre Dame is a school that could make Myers think twice if down the road the staff decided to throw their hats into the ring.

"I grew up watching Notre Dame," Myers said. "I've always loved OU, but I've always liked Notre Dame. You always hear about Rudy, and my little league team was named the Irish. I kind of fell in love with them and the tradition. I really love tradition, and definitely the education."

Myers has a 4.0 GPA on a weighted scale.

"I'm going to be looking for the education, because I want a good education," Myers began. "Right now, I don't know what I want to study, but I'm really searching to find something I really love. When I find that, I'm going to start narrowing down where I'd like to go to school."

Myers plays both ways for Westmoore, and wasn't sure of his stats. One thing he was sure of and is focusing on, is that his team needs to win its next three games to make the state playoffs.

"I still think we can pull it off and get in the state playoffs, and make a run and try and make it to state," Myers said.

What else, but a combine, made Myers a day late for the Notre Dame camp this summer. He spent three days in South Bend and worked out on both sides of the ball.

"The guys I worked with said they thought I did well," Myers recapped.

Next summer will be much of the same for Myers and his father. Top Stories