Practice Report: 10/23

Thursday was a beautiful fall day as Notre Dame had its third practice of the week before heading to Seattle to take on Washington. The Irish were dressed in shells and sweats for the most part, although some players elected to stick with the shorts. The media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes and Irish Eyes was there for your report.

The music puts a little pep in everyone's step on Thursday, but it makes it difficult for reporters to hear much interaction between anyone during stretching.

Like the offensive playbook, it seems that each week more and more music is added to the playlist. Bon Jovi and Springsteen still dominate, but there were some new tracks filtered in including one from Young Jeezy.

The entire offensive line passed on the sweats, as they should. The linemen did some agility work over bags to start before working against different fronts as a unit. The quarterbacks all chose the sweats and looked pretty much the same as they got their arms loose with their red shirts and white long-sleeved undershirts.

Asaph Schwapp was back working with the running backs today while freshmen Kyle Rudolph and Joseph Fauria led the tight ends practicing ball security. The wide receivers worked on ball security and catching. David Grimes has been listed as ‘doubtful' with back spasms, but he's looked pretty good all week. We'll ask Charlie Weis for an update this afternoon.

There has also been some speculation from fans that maybe Robert Hughes is dinged up a bit, but he doesn't look it at practice, not to me anyway. The backs worked on cutting and catching and Hughes looked fine.

The secondary worked on their backpedals and one-on-one coverage. Of all of the position groups, the defensive backs enjoyed the addition of Young Jeezy to the playlist more than anyone, especially Sergio Brown.

What Brown brings to the secondary energy-wise, Brian Smith brings to the linebacker unit. Smith is always bouncing around and getting other guys involved. Smith and Maurice Crum practiced different touchdown celebrations during an interception drill with Smith doing his best LaDainian Tomlinson impersonation.

The defensive line worked on getting off the ball and executing swim moves.

We actually got to see the kickers kick today, well sort of. Over on the third field, Brandon Walker and new kicker David Ruffer practiced some short-yardage field goals while standing still. It was tough to tell anything about Ruffer as a kicker other than he is a righty. Top Stories