Quotes of the Week

Each week Irish Eyes offers a collection of the best sound bites from the Notre Dame players and coaches. This week features the best quotes of the week from Notre Dame heading into Washington. This piece also includes Christian McCollum's game prediction.


On new kicker David Ruffer's experience:

"Yes, he's kicked before. He's kicked for Siegfried, everyone should know that."

On one of his four talks with Ruffer so far:

"I had a little chat with him today about proper procedures when dealing with the media."

On thinking back to Pass Right:

"I'm getting chills as I'm saying that, I promise you may God strike me dead. (Chinedum Ndukwe) just recovers the fumble, it's six inches from the goal line and (Brady) Quinn looks at me like, ‘Coach, we can't be calling this play.' He didn't say that because he would never have the nerve to say that."

More on Pass Right:

"It's still a vivid and sad memory.:

On winning on the road in the second half:

"That's where we're winning then. If there's a game on Saturday, for a whole bunch of Saturdays, but let's start with this one, wherever we're playing I expect us to show up and be ready to win."

On the size of Washington's offensive line:

"(Jordan) White-Frisbee, he plays left guard, he's 368, OK. And anytime somebody is 368, you know they're about two pounds under four bills because that's usually -- having been a heavy guy my whole life, that 368 probably doesn't do him justice."

On Jimmy Clausen needing to make mistakes to learn:

"It isn't like I'm going to go out and practice him throwing interceptions or getting strip sacked. But at the same time, it's how they respond -- the bigger question is how they respond when it happens than it actually happening."

On his expectations of the season's first half:

"(Am) I happy being 4-2? The answer is no."



On being tough on himself:

"Nobody can be harder critic on me than myself and my father."

On what he could have done better:

"The first play of the second half of the North Carolina game."

On when he knew that Michael Floyd would have an impact in 2008:

"First practice."

On Floyd beating faster players:

"I learned from Nick Saban a long time ago that you can be fast, but when you can't judge the depth and perception of the ball, it doesn't matter how fast you are."

On the musical artists on offense:

"They boost some of these guys up to make them think that they're singers. Like David Grimes, he thinks he's a singer and then they come in and say, ‘Coach, he's really bad.'"


On comparing Kyle Rudolph to the Steelers' Heath Miller:

"Heath is the type of guy you try and get him to date your sister. That's probably how Kyle is I guess."


On needing to start fast against Washington:

"If you're in a fight you have a better chance to win if you throw the first punch."


Notre Dame 35, Washington 24: The Irish pull away with a late score and a clinching turnover, but this one is closer than Irish fans would like. Jimmy Clausen goes over 300 yards again with Golden Tate and Michael Floyd doing most of the damage. Brian Smith has his best game yet with double-digit tackles and a pair of turnovers.

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