Weis and Ianello Check Out Jake Heaps

Skyline High head coach Mat Taylor doesn't always tell his star quarterback Jake Heaps when there is a college recruiter in the stadium watching him play.

"He's kind of big on having me focus on what's going on, on the field, and not worry about the coaches in the stands," the class-of-2010 quarterback from Issaquah, Wash., said.

That philosophy has certainly been working.

As a sophomore last season, Jake Heaps helped led Skyline High to a 14-0 record and state championship. With an 8-0 record so far this fall, he is on track to do it again.

However, at Skyline's game on Friday night, Taylor wasn't able to keep quiet to Heaps or anyone else inside Spartan Stadium about what coach was in attendance.

Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis was on the sideline for Skyline's 41-6 rout of Redmond. He was in the state of Washington with his team for Saturday's game against the Huskies.

"It was fun," Heaps stated. He threw for 271 yards and four touchdowns in a half of play. "I had people come up to me and talk to me about coach Weis being there, and it was a big deal having him come and see us. Our team really enjoyed having him on the sideline watching us. I know everyone in the stadium knew where he was, and it was fun having him there."

Weis was accompanied by Irish assistant coach Rob Ianello, and is the first college head coach to take in one of Heaps' games. He won't be the last, as Heaps has already racked up scholarship offers from a lot of the nation's top programs.

"It was fun to see him there," Heaps said. "Even though I couldn't talk to him because of NCAA rules, after the touchdown passes I threw, I would point at him, and he would look at me and acknowledge me. That was a lot of fun.

"It was a tremendous honor for him to come watch my game, and I just had a lot of fun standing there."

The 6-foot-1, 195-pound Heaps has thrown 22 touchdowns to just one interception this season. Last year, he threw for 3,103 yards and 31 touchdowns, and is the only quarterback that Notre Dame has offered in next year's class. On top of that, the Irish staff won't be taking a quarterback in this year's recruiting class.

When Weis offered Heaps back in August, he left Notre Dame's practice in the middle of things to take Heap's call and extend the full-ride. Heaps is the only recruit that Weis has ever left a practice for to speak to. Heaps is also the first recruit Weis has watched play in person in the class-of-2010, and only the second player this fall, joining class-of-2009 five-star linebacker Manti Te'o.

"I've really been very appreciative of it, and it's a huge honor," Heaps said of the way Notre Dame is recruiting him. "I really do feel how much the Notre Dame staff wants me to be a part of their program and that's huge. You want to feel that, and I know genuinely the coaches really want me to be a part of the Notre Dame football program, and that's a big deal for me."

Heaps keeps in regular touch with Weis and Ianello through phone calls and emails. He plans to visit Notre Dame for the first time after his junior season ends, and has been following the Irish team on Saturdays.

"It's just seeing how Jimmy (Clausen) has been playing and seeing his development through his first year to this year is tremendous," Heaps explained. "The coaching staff has done a great job of helping Jimmy figure out the system, and with his reads and all that stuff. As a player, that's great to see because you want to go to a place that is going to push you and take you beyond your potential."

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