Ianello Pays A Visit To Minnetonka

Beau Allen didn't know it, but a college recruiter literally had his eyes on him last week.

Notre Dame assistant coach Rob Ianello dropped by Minnetonka (Minn.) High to check out the 6-foot-3, 288-pound class-of-2010 defensive tackle.

In the mail on Monday, was a hand-written note from Ianello.

"It was just the usual mail telling me about their previous game, who their next game is against, and game invitations," Beau Allen began. "Coach Ianello was at my school I guess last week, so he gave me a hand-written note saying he likes what he saw.

"That's pretty cool. It's nice to see he is checking up on me. That's pretty exciting."

Ianello and the Notre Dame staff aren't the only people with their eyes on Allen. He has already been offered by Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, and is also hearing from the rest of the Big Ten and places like Alabama, North Carolina, UCLA and Oregon.

Allen is very organized with his recruitment. He has a filing cabinet, and inside, each college program has a folder, where Allen keeps every piece of literature a respective school has sent him.

With three AP classes on his current class schedule and a 3.3 GPA, Allen says that college recruiters tell him they're excited about him as both a student and a player.

"I try and keep my grades up, that's really important to me," Allen said. "I try and challenge myself with my course load. That is one thing I'm working for."

Allen hasn't had any specific discussion with recruiters about what they like about his game, and he wasn't sure of his junior stats.

"I remember one thing (Wisconsin) coach (Bret) Bielema and (Minnesota) coach (Tim) Brewster were asking me about, is my flexibility," Allen explained. "I consider myself real flexible, I can touch the ground and put my palms on the ground when I'm standing up. I can almost do the splits. That's a big focus for me because I don't want to be one of those big bulky guys that's like a cinder block, that can't move around and can't stretch well."

Allen's uncle John Westphal played quarterback and special teams at Wisconsin, but Allen says he's more a fan of the league and not just one program.

"I like the style of football in the Big Ten, and obviously Notre Dame also," Allen said. "You have to keep them in there. I've been watching them a lot lately. I'm not a fan of the spread offenses. As a d-lineman, I hate going against the spread. I like the power-I."

Allen has never been to Notre Dame, and hopes to take a visit for the Irish's final home game of the year against Syracuse.

"I'm pretty interested in them," Allen said. "They're a good school having a good year. I've been talking to my parents. It's a little bit of a trip, but I'm going to try and get down for a game this year.

"I just know it's a historic program with a lot of good tradition, a lot of good players have come out of there. I know about coach Charlie Weis. He's a very good coach and I know they're always in the running for a BCS bowl game and a BCS title. I'm also willing to find out a lot more."

Allen camped this summer at all three of the school's that offered him. He went to a game at Wisconsin last year, and one of their junior days. Allen also attended a Minnesota junior day and one of their games this fall.

"I was going to go to a one-day camp at Notre Dame in the summer, but I couldn't get that opportunity. I kind of regret not going to Notre Dame's camp for sure."

Those are the four schools Allen hopes to go see in the near future.

"It's kind of difficult because there is only one or two games left for each team, so I'm definitely going to try and go to the three schools that offered me and Notre Dame," Allen explained. "But beyond that, for the summer, I'm going to make a camp tour, a little circuit."

Allen also looks forward to upcoming junior days and spring football, as college programs will begin to really woo him for his John Hancock on a letter-of-intent.

"For my signature, I need good academics, that's really important to me," Allen said. "A well-storied program. I want to be able to get along with the coaches and feel comfortable where I am. I want a good location. I don't want to go somewhere far away from home. I don't know if I want to go out to California, I don't know about that yet, I just want a comfortable location."

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