Practice Report: 10/29

The Irish were outside for their coldest day of practice this year. The temperature remained above 40 degrees, but winds made it feel much cooler. Charlie Weis lightened the load for his players and they dressed in shoulder pads and shorts, well shoulder pads and sweats for the most part. The media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes.

At the start of practice it was clear that this was Notre Dame's first, although far from last, bout with cold weather. During stretching Jimmy Clausen could not help but say to himself, "This wind needs to go away."

The team did not seem to be getting loose until the end of the 20 minutes. Wide receivers coach Rob Ianello was all over his guys to move faster during the four-cones drill.

"You gotta work harder than that. You've got to strain a bit. Google that word, strain," he barked. "Get that piano off your back."

David Grimes said earlier on Wednesday that his back felt fine and again looked good during practice, but we probably won't know more about his condition until Thursday afternoon.

Offensive guards Eric Olsen and Chris Stewart were back at practice today after not being out there for the start of Tuesday's session. Olsen did not show any signs of being slowed while Stewart was the only lineman to wear sweatpants. It appeared that Stewart was favoring his right leg and may have had a heavy brace on it, but couldn't tell with the sweats.

Both starting guards worked with the first group as they went over combination blocks against different fronts and Stewart did not seem to be too limited during reps. Trevor Robinson, Matt Romine and Thomas Bemenderfer each took reps at tight end.

The tight ends worked on ball security and one-on-one blocking. Freshman Joseph Fauria continues to improve as a blocker, but he still has a tendency to get a bit high. Bernie Parmalee seems to do a good job of explaining everything to the tight ends, which is important now considering the position features just two scholarship freshmen.

The quarterbacks got their arms loose and worked on rollouts while the running backs did some agility work over bags and practiced proper blocking form.

The defensive backs practiced their backpedals and breaks. Corwin Brown and Sergio Brown really enjoy busting each other. Coach Brown was on the junior safety to get his feet right and it turned into a somewhat playful back-and-forth.

The linebackers worked on getting downhill and practiced having light feet by running over teammates, who laid on the ground. The defensive linemen worked on using their hands against opponents. Top Stories