Corwin Brown Transcript

Defensive Coordinator Corwin Brown talked with the media following Wednesday's practice as the Irish prepare for the 5-2 Pitt Panthers.

Could you talk a little bit about LeSean McCoy?

"Excellent balance, very good vision, and I think he does a really good job of using the other players' - the defenders' - lack of balance, lack of concentration against them. So he has really good feet and if he catches you leaning, he'll go the other way."

Is there any big difference between the two Pitt quarterbacks?

"Well, there are differences but, at the end of the day for us you know, what we would like to do is have tough reads and feel the pressure of the pocket and do a good job of making his job difficult at the end of the day. It doesn't matter for us, really, who plays because you have to address and attack them the same way."

How do you plan for a guy like McCoy?

"You know, you just try to get everybody to make sure to use their leverage, use your correct leverage and use your help and play smart. You know, realize where you're supposed to be and play there."

Does he remind you of anyone specifically?

"Yeah, a whole bunch of good guy that you see; a whole bunch of them. We'll see what happens, you know. I know some coaches that I played for said once, that all running backs run the same when there's no hole. So we'll see."

What are some of the things you want to build on from the Washington game?

"Well, what we want to do every week is like the things that we do well, we would like to build upon those; and the things you don't do well, improve in that area. And, at the end of the day, no matter who you play against, you are trying to execute and you are trying to limit things, and you have goals and that's what you always want to do. As a competitor and as a defensive unit, you know, you always want to limit points, stop teams from running, and pressure the quarterback and get turnovers. So that's kind of where we are every week."

You almost had your first shutout of the season. As the defensive coordinator was it disappointing not to get it?

"No, because at the end of the day, all I really care about is that we win. You know, of course, you want your unit to play well, but at the end of the day, the W is what matters; how you got there. Twenty years from now, nobody will remember what the score was. All they'll remember is that we won."

Can you talk about Mo Crum and the stability he brings to the defense?

"He's a solid guy. He's a conscientious leader. I think he really does a good job of expressing himself when he needs to. Sometimes he's more stern. Sometimes he's more like in an explanation mode, I'll say. I think he does a really good job of knowing what is going on on the field. He's a smart guy. He's a really smart guy. Whenever you have a smart guy on the field, it helps. It's a settling effect for everybody, especially when you have the young guys playing. He does that, so that's good. It's a good thing."

When you sent the defense out for the first play, did you realize you were ending his consecutive-start streak?

"Well, you know, we really don't think about streaks and things like that. You know, if a guy is a selfish player, he would, but you know Mo's not that type of guy. And, overall, we're not that type of unit. We try to say leave your ego at the door no matter who you are. It doesn't matter; everybody has a role to play. Sometimes your role, or what people ask you to do, is different. But at the end of the day, and I think everybody can learn something from our group, there's no room for selfish guys here. No matter who you are - coaches, players, the guys who help us on defense - there's no room for that. The only thing that we are trying to do as a group, as a unit, is put the best product on the field and make the most plays and stop the other team, the offense. We have fun no matter who's out there doing it; no matter who's doing what. It's really good and refreshing to be around. So in that regard, I think Mo is okay."

Do you see similarities between Dan McCarthy and Kyle McCarthy?

"Yeah, there are a lot of similarities, but Danny is so young right now. You know how it is. You've got the big dog and then you've got the little dog, and he doesn't know what is going on so he just follows the big dog. That's kind of what Danny is. I think there are a lot of things that he does well and there will be things that come easy for him, kind of like Kyle does. Kyle is a smart guy. We'll see. It's early though; it's early."

You mentioned there are things to improve on. What are some of those things?

"Turnovers; we always want to create turnovers. You know, one of our main goals on defense is to score and to set up a score. Because when you do that, that's when you're really having a big or major impact on the game. There were some things that we did well, but that's an area every week, week-in and week-out, that we are trying to get accomplished."

Is it hard to keep the team from being overconfident after winning the way they did last week?

"No, like I said, our guys are pretty level-headed. I think overall we are pretty good at putting the last game behind us. We play a game and there are things we need to do to get better and there are things that we did well. But for the most part, we do a pretty decent job of realizing that. Hopefully, that will continue."

Did you run into Coach Wannstedt when you were in the league?

"Yeah, I ran into him some. Brian Cox played for him and we were in the same division, of course. We ran against him quite a bit. Coach Wannstedt is a good coach and he is doing a good job and it's a good team. They kind of play like you would expect them to play, you know. That's good."

How would you rate the tackling in the Washington game?

"Just like I said, every week what we want to do is limit missed tackles and limit big plays. So week-in and week-out that is what we want to do, and we're trying to focus on doing that this week. It's like a game-by-game deal. You don't think about the last one, you think about the next one and the challenge that you have, and that's what we try to do."

So you spend a lot of time every week on the fundamentals of tackling?

"Yeah, and realizing where your help is, the type of player you are going against, the type of tackle it is; all of that stuff matters. Sometimes in the midst of big games, great players, blockers, you kind of forget about some of the little things; staying in good balance, closing the distance, and using my help, wrapping my arms, one guy wraps and the next guy comes in and strips, those sorts of things. Yeah, so those are the kind of things we talk about."

Who was the coach who said all running backs are the same with no hole?

"Al Groh used to say it. Bill Parcels used to always say it. Belichick will spit it out. It's the truth though, if you think about it. It's the truth."

How do you feel about where you are rated with sacks?

"You know, honestly, I'm not even sure where we are. I just know what we would like to do is always get to the quarterback and try to do some things to him. So, off-hand without really looking at the numbers, I don't know where we are in that department, to tell you the truth." Top Stories