Practice Report: 10/30

After a couple of chilly ones, Thursday was a gorgeous fall day at the LaBar Practice Complex as Notre Dame began to wrap up preparations for Pittsburgh. The Irish were dressed in shells and shorts or sweats. The media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes and Irish Eyes was there for your report.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick was one of several visitors at practice today. More and more players are joining in with the pre-stretch handshakes.

Jon Tenuta came over to talk to Jimmy Clausen and Evan Sharpley as they stretched. The linebackers coach has a much different demeanor when he is not addressing linebackers or the media. The music made it hard to hear, but it seemed like Tenuta was asking the quarterbacks another trivia question.

As always, Thursday was music day at Notre Dame practice. Pastor Troy kicked things off, but ‘Crank Me Up' is no longer sliced in between Charlie Weis' New Jersey music. However, the players still have Young Jeezy on the playlist and it gave them an extra boost as they started individual work.

Right guard Chris Stewart's right leg looked much better than it did on Wednesday. As the offensive line worked on different schemes against different fronts, Sam Young saw some reps at tight end with the second unit. Matt Romine also took some snaps at tight end with the first group. Trevor Robinson gets as much works as anybody, practicing with the second group while mixing in with the first unit.

The tight ends worked on ball security, running routes and catching the ball. Joseph Fauria may not look as smooth as Kyle Rudolph when he is running his routes but he does have some really soft hands. The running backs also spent a lot of time catching the football and I didn't see one hit the ground.

Rob Ianello seemed to be taking a lot of pleasure from firing the ball at receivers running across him from five yards away. Deion Walker had one go through his hands, but for the most part the wideouts did a great job of catching the ball.

The quarterbacks just got their arms loose for the 10 minutes after stretching.

Corwin Brown put the secondary through backpedal drills and a drill to work on stripping the ball. As the media was leaving, the defensive backs were working on defending fades in the end zone. Bernie Parmalee may be the most energetic coach, but no one on the staff, aside from maybe Weis, gets the team fired up like Brown.

Tenuta had the linebackers taking different angles to get downhill before working on the bad-ball drill. Brian Smith dropped one pass and immediately did 10 pushups. The defensive linemen worked on swim moves and getting away from offensive linemen. Top Stories