Goodlow Enjoys The Notre Dame Experience

This trip wasn't meant for Roderick Goodlow to find out when he might be receiving a Notre Dame scholarship offer.

But after his official visit to Notre Dame this past weekend for the Pittsburgh game, the 6-foot-2, 210-pound safety from Dallas, Texas, is wanting that written scholarship even more.

"It would be real special to me," Roderick Goodlow said. "It's something, I would probably hold at the top of my list."

The W.H. Adamson star already holds scholarship offers from the likes of Kansas, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Iowa State, Colorado and Nebraska. The trip to South Bend was Goodlow's first official visit.

"The trip wasn't there for me to talk about the offer," Goodlow explained. "It was there for me to enjoy the school and look around, and not to talk about the offer. If they do offer, it would probably be down the line, and they said we'll talk more about it at the end of the trip."

A scholarship offer was indeed part of the discussion Goodlow had with Irish head coach Charlie Weis before leaving campus on Sunday morning.

"He told me that Notre Dame was a good place and all it has to offer, and his direction for Notre Dame," Goodlow said. "He asked me how I enjoyed it, and all I had fun doing, and just said we'll keep in touch later on this week."

Goodlow isn't sure if that scholarship offer will come this coming week, down the road, or at all, but he certainly enjoyed his first-ever trip to Notre Dame.

"It was great," Goodlow stated. He arrived Friday afternoon. "I got to see Notre Dame up close and really take a look at stuff. It was real good."

Goodlow got to Notre Dame around 3 p.m. on Friday and toured the campus. He then met with people at the Mendoza College of Business. That night, he took in the pep rally.

"It was real good how all the fans were tuned up for the game the next day," Goodlow said. "I really enjoyed the pep rally."

Goodlow's host for the weekend was freshman defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore, who also hails from Texas.

"He's a great guy," Goodlow stated. "He told me a lot about the campus and about the tradition and what to expect when coming there.

"I knew about the tradition and about the place, but he really gave me a hands on experience."

Though Goodlow really enjoyed the campus and meeting the players, the real thrill of the trip was the actual game. The 36-33 quadruple-overtime loss to Pittsburgh didn't spoil Goodlow's visit.

"It was exciting to see all the fans going crazy. It was an insane type deal. They just love Notre Dame football.

"I could picture myself playing at Notre Dame."

Goodlow spent a lot of time with Irish verbal commits Tyler Stockton and E.J. Banks.

"They were real cool," Goodlow said. "I liked them and enjoyed them, had fun with them. Those two guys, I would enjoy playing with them. They're real good people."

Before the game on Saturday morning, Goodlow sat down with Notre Dame defensive coordinator Corwin Brown to watch film.

"He was showing me the positions I was going to play, and the players in it right now, and to watch them during the game," Goodlow recapped. "He showed me on film, these are people at the positions I feel you'll be good at. He showed me coming off the ball, the plays they're running, all of that."

Brown told Goodlow to watch safety David Bruton and linebacker Harrison Smith.

"They played great," Goodlow said. "The interception at the end by David Bruton was real good. Harrison Smith was making good tackles in the backfield. They both played great."

Goodlow keeps in touch with Irish assistant coach Rob Ianello on a weekly basis, and Ianello recently went by his school to see him.

"He was just making sure I was having a good time and was comfortable on my trip," Goodlow said.

Goodlow has scheduled an official visit to Wisconsin for the weekend of Nov. 15th, and Kansas for the weekend of Dec. 12th. He is also sure he'll see Northwestern, but is trying to find the right date.

All three schools have offered. Perhaps Notre Dame will too. Top Stories