Practice Report: 11/4

The Irish had their second day of practice this week in preparation for Saturday's game at Boston College. Charlie Weis made some changes to this week's practice schedule that shifted Tuesday's practice to earlier in the afternoon. The players were dressed in full pads and the media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes at the LaBar Practice Complex.

The earlier start allowed Notre Dame to practice in sunny, warm weather. The mood at practice was serious, but not quiet.

Jimmy Clausen seemed to be having a problem with his foot and joined the group of players that jog during most of the form running period. Charlie Weis said earlier in the day that if Notre Dame put out an injury report his quarterback would have been listed on every one of them so it does not seem like anything major.

Weis wanted receiver Rob Parris to move up a spot during stretching, but Parris told him that he keeps it open for a moment in honor of George West who has been sidelined with an injury. Brian Polian went over different keys with punter Eric Maust.

Weis designated himself as the bad cop this week and although he said that he wanted the players to start fresh on Tuesday, he took the chance to give them one last talking to. At the end of stretching Weis brought the team in for a prolonged address. The players took their helmets off and grabbed knees as the head coach delivered a stern speech to his team and summed it up by saying, ‘Let's go to work right now.'

When the team broke into individuals, Weis hopped in his golf cart to cruise around from position to position.

The quarterbacks only got their arms loose during the first 20 minutes and Clausen looked better taking short drops than he did running. The running backs did agility work over bags, figure-eights before running the Gauntlet.

Rob Ianello had the receivers work on their starts and made Golden Tate go back again during one rep. The wideouts then did the figure-eight drill and Ianello made Michael Floyd's group go twice. The offensive line split into halves with the left side working on combination blocks and the right side hitting the sled. Chris Stewart was not at practice and Trevor Robinson took his place.

The tight ends worked on ball security and one-on-one blocking with Bernie Parmalee telling Kyle Rudolph that it was, ‘more technique than anything.'

The defensive backs worked on backpedals and tackling, but there was no indication of any changes to the lineup in the individual drills. The linebackers worked on controlling blockers. The first unit was the same – Brian Smith, Harrison Smith and Maurice Crum – with the Will linebackers working with the defensive line. Jon Tenuta was showing Harrison Smith how to get reads on the tight ends. After having limited contact last week, Brian Smith is back to full contact.

The defensive line worked on using their arms against linemen. Top Stories