Practice Report: 11/5

It was a sunny, crisp fall evening as Notre Dame had its third day of practice this week in preparation for Boston College. The Irish were dressed in full pads and the media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes. As always, Irish Eyes was there for your report.

Jimmy Clausen was favoring his right leg again on Wednesday, but it was much less noticeable than it was on Tuesday. Clausen said earlier in the day that he'd be ready to go on Saturday and it seems that there is no doubt that is the case.

While the mood is definitely not as loose and there are not as many jokes, it is not a somber one either.

Weis was joking around with Clausen as stretching began before Ron Powlus came over to chat X's and O's with Clausen and Evan Sharpley. Keith Penrod had the line of the day after Powlus explained why he was asking one of the student trainers for bubble gum. Penrod just replied, "You talk too much."

Rob Ianello was discussing blocking techniques with Duval Kamara before he overheard Golden Tate suggesting to someone that they should play golf on Sunday.

"How about you worry about Wednesday?" Ianello snapped.

The quarterbacks just got their arms loose during the individual period while the running backs did agility work over bags, figure-eights and worked on different blocking techniques.

Kyle Rudolph and Joseph Fauria get plenty of reps as the only two scholarship tight ends on the roster. After working on ball security, the tight ends practiced one-on-one blocking and it was non-stop as Rudolph and Fauria moved through constantly without a wait.

The wide receivers worked on their starts and Ianello seemed to get particular pleasure out of making Deion Walker's group wait exceptionally long in their stances.

The offensive line worked on combination blocking against different schemes. John Latina sounded angry a couple of times, but he never stays mad long as the players usually respond quickly. Latina made Matt Romine and Andrew Nuss go back after one rep and told Taylor Dever to, ‘keep those (blank) hands inside."

Corwin Brown seemed ready to have an intense day of work and barked, ‘Sharp, sharp, sharp' at the secondary as it arrived from stretching. Brown made sure to explain the importance of the backpedal drill in keeping leverage.

Jon Tenuta shouted at the linebackers to, ‘Bend your knees' as they went through downhill angle drills. The defensive linemen did agility drills back and forth over bags. Top Stories