Postgame Notebook

The notebook looks at potential changes to Weis' role on offense and special teams. Also, how the defense will be expected to respond to playing a good game, but still losing. And, a look at the play of Boston College and more.

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. – For the first time this season Charlie Weis did not scoff at the idea of taking a larger role in the offense following the 17-0 loss at Boston College.

"Those things start going through my mind, but the problem is at this moment right now it would be premature because I don't think until after I've gotten a very, very good handle on everything that happened I could set there and make a judgment on that, " Weis said. "But I obviously am going to have to get more involved in both special teams and offense because defense didn't look to be the problem."

Weis was more than pleased with defense's effort and will spend the majority of his time this week with the offense, but whether he will actually take over playcalling duties again is not certain.

"I'm going to have to devote a lot more of my energy not to the whole team, I'm going to have to devote a lot more of my energy to the offense and to the special teams," he said. "Because you have to pick your poison on what you feel you have to address and I think we have to address the offense and special teams."

Weis said that he did not want to take anything away from the Boston College defense and that he needed to watch the film to see all of the problems, but he did not make any excuses.

"At the end of the day to pitch a goose egg is unacceptable," he said.

Weis does not need to see any tape to understand what happened on the two special team errors of the night. He said that the blocked punt was not the result of being outschemed.

"He didn't blow the protection, he just got run right by," Weis said of the Irish player who made the mistake.

Golden Tate's muffed punt was one of the biggest plays of the game. Instead of the Irish having solid field position and a chance to cut the deficit to three, BC marched down the field and took a 17-0 lead.

"You could feel the air being punched out of a balloon," Weis said. "After that we started forcing the issue and that led to an inconsistent night across the board."

He said he also knows what happened on that play.

"Golden on the first one, he's trying to catch the ball in traffic, probably should have fair-caught the ball, but it goes back to someone trying to make a play," Weis said. "It comes down to having the discipline to do your job to not try to make a play that isn't there to be made."

DEFENSE GOOD, NOT GOOD ENOUGH: The Notre Dame defense kept the Irish in the game all night, but without an offense it had no chance.

"The defense put out a winning performance, unfortunately that's only one-third of the composition of a team," Weis said.

Weis made sure to let the defense know that this loss was not on them before the game even finished.

"I brought the first defense over, I said, ‘Hey, fellas just so you understand, unless you pitched a shutout tonight we're losing this game.,'" he said. "So I just went over all of the positive elements that they had played on defense."

Weis does not feel that the unit has any reason to have low confidence heading into Navy.

"The defense will see plenty of evidence on tape that they were there and that they stepped up and were ready to play," he said. "So as depressed as they are about losing the game, there's plenty of evidence they have from the game. Now does that mean it's OK? No, it's not OK, they're still going to be down from doing it. But I think that what my job and our job is going to be is to fix the bigger problems."

Patrick Kuntz was one of those guys who understands that they played well, but not well enough in their minds.

"Any good performance needs to be realized and accepted, but again it's a team game and it doesn't really mean anything if you don't win," Kuntz said. "It's tough because we made this trip out here and we came out and thought we were pretty confident coming into the game. I don't know just too many turnovers and people not taking advantage of opportunities."

Kuntz and the defense hold themselves to a higher standard.

"We could have made some bigger plays, made some turnovers like the good defenses do when they're in binds like that," he said. "But again, it's a tough situation because it's a team effort and no matter how good we play, if we don't win it doesn't really mean anything."

BC BLOWS OPPORTUNITIES TOO: One thing that will be overlooked in this game is how poorly Boston College played. Now, the Eagles did not play nearly as bad as the Irish, but outside of the forced turnovers and the ‘W', there was not much for BC to be proud of on their end.

Boston College finished with fewer total yards (246 against Notre Dame's 292) and did not take advantage of many of the mistakes that the Irish made. The Irish were fortunate to be down just 10 at halftime and to lose by just 17 as Boston College squandered a number of opportunities that could have put the game out of reach.

The Eagles started three first-half drives in Notre Dame territory, but produced no points and quarterback Chris Crane had just nine completions, three in the second half and none in the fourth quarter.

OTHER TIDBITS: Barry Gallup Jr., whose father was a standout receiver at Boston College and currently is an Associate AD at the school, saw his first action of the season as a kick returner along with Golden Tate… Boston College won the coin toss and deferred to the second half… Jimmy Clausen did not address the media after the game… Weis said that he did not think that Clausen's ankle injury or the weather had anything to do with the lack of offensive production. Top Stories