Frank Commentary

Saturday's loss to Boston College was bad. There's no other way to paint this picture. The loss leaves one with far more questions than answers at this point. Does Irish head coach Charlie Weis have the answers?

Sitting watching the Irish play last night left me in a stupor. It doesn't make sense. It defies all logic. Who are the Irish?

Saturday's Notre Dame team broke down in all facets of the game. They never seriously even threatened scoring on offense on Saturday. They played okay on defense, but it wasn't a great or even good performance. They played very poorly on special teams. They turned the ball over five times. It was the worst performance of the season for this Notre Dame team.

Overtime is taxing, both mentally and physically. Four overtimes is more taxing. Was it so taxing that the Irish should play like this?

There are many questions to ask, such as what happened to the Irish offense? What happened to special teams? Why can't the Irish get near the quarterback when rushing the passer? Why can't the Irish count on gaining one yard when running the football?

Irish fans will pick apart this dead carcass in the days between now and the next time ND has a chance to right this ship, and probably rightfully so after such a poor performance.

One important question is all that matters now: Where do we go from here?

Another very important question needs to be answered by Weis at the end of the season: Is it coaching or talent?

Weis can't fix the problems with last question now, but if it is coaching, he'll have to act and quickly.

What he can focus on is the now, and he'll need to do that instead of worrying about the why at this point.

A 6-3 Navy team is the next opponent—a team that's probably pretty confident after snapping the Irish winning streak last season in Notre Dame Stadium. A Navy team that's had the week off to prepare for Weis and the Irish. The same Navy team that averages 308 yards rushing per game and scores almost 30 points per game.

None of the why really matters at this point. The only thing that does matter is if Weis can fix the problems. I don't think anyone truly knows the answer to that question at this point. And, he likely can't fix them right now anyway.

All the Irish coaching staff can do at this point is motivate their players to beat Navy, and give them a good game plan to beat Navy. It will be interesting to see if they can do that. Should that even be a question at this point?

As for Weis, he'll have to finish the season, warts and all, and try to address the problems at the end of the season. The Irish are what they are at this point, and I'm not really sure what that is. Top Stories