Zuttah impressed by Notre Dame

<P>New Jersey prospect Jeff Zuttah has four down and one to go. Zuttah visited Notre Dame last weekend and enjoyed his visit. What are his plans for the future? </P>

"It went very well. Not many visits are going to blow me away. I have been around the college environment for a while. I know what to expect and really no single visit has blown me away and I don't expect any to. I pretty much know what to expect."

Jeff Zuttah plans to visit Michigan and then have a decision some time before Christmas. I asked Jeff if he still plans to enroll early and if that is on his mind. "January or August, it doesn't matter to me at all. I just look at this as an opportunity. If I can go in early and become a better player, that is an opportunity to me. It's not going to be a big factor in my decision. Where I feel I fit in well will be the most important factor."

I asked Jeff what he liked the best about Notre Dame. "I would say Coach Willingham. He is just a great mad. The way he carries himself and how he expects each of his players to carry themselves as well. He is a very impressive man."

Jeff has also had a lot of coaches coming by the school and for in-home visits. I asked him about his plan for after Michigan. "Pretty much this is the last week for that. I have had all the coaches in from the schools I am interested in last week and they will all be coming this week as well. I am going to take my Michigan visit and then I won't talk to any more coaches or have them stop by. I am going to sit down and look at this and come up with a decision. It's going to be very difficult."

I told Jeff that he should become a politician or get into high-stakes poker because he is one cookie to crack. "You think so (laughs). I really don't have a leader. I hope to after all my visits."

Comments. Jeff is a great guy. He is very difficult to get any indication on which school he likes best. I have no clue and I am being honest and that is just what Jeff wants. He is funny and I think he enjoys this. He has a great attitude about all of this and I credit him for keeping his mouth shut. He won't fold under questioning. I do think ND and Willingham made an impression on him. I have no idea which are his top schools. I couldn't even tell you if one has been eliminated.

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