Just Out Of Hand

Marlon Pollard, his family and head coach didn't deserve to take these phone calls.

On Wednesday, internet rumors started to swirl around that Marlon Pollard, a Notre Dame verbal commit, was planning to take an official visit to Oregon this weekend.

This couldn't have been further from the truth, and the Pollard family was blindsided by it all.

"I'm firm," Pollard stated of his verbal commitment to Notre Dame. A question he surprisingly had to answer a few times over the last few days. "I haven't talked to Oregon."

Pollard's not talking to anybody, but the Notre Dame coaching staff. He spoke with Irish defensive coordinator Corwin Brown at about 1 a.m. Eastern Time, following the Irish-Boston College game Saturday night.

Today, Pollard and his mother have had contact with the Irish staff to make sure all rumors have been dispelled.

So, how do these things happen, rumors being pulled out of thin air?

Flat out, a lot of people in the internet recruiting business are not professional in their work. Insecure money-hungry web site owners competing with other insecure money-hungry web site owners, just post any rumor they hear before checking the facts and seeing if it's indeed even true. Don't forget web hits as well. Those are big for advertising, and rumors draw clicks of the mouse.

Not saying that's what happened in this situation, but laziness is the overall cause of it all. Make sure your web site provider is credible.

Pollard certainly isn't the first recruit that has had the unfortunate inconvenience of dealing with something like this, and he definitely won't be the last.

In this situation, Pollard's mother Rachael just wanted to make sure her son's credibility and integrity were never questioned, and was also emphatic that there has been absolutely no contact with Oregon.

"I just don't want that questioned," she stated.

Credibility and integrity were important to the Pollard family when Marlon decided he was going to de-commit from UCLA, a school he gave a pledge to prior to his junior season, and change his college plans to Notre Dame over a year later. They wanted to make sure they did everything right by the Bruins' coaching staff before making the news of an Irish commitment public.

For all we know, the Pollard family might not even know the name of the head coach at Oregon. Why or how this rumor got started is unknown, but people need to realize it hurts the kid and potentially his future. The NCAA needs to realize that an early signing day would prevent situations like this from happening.

"When Marlon de-committed from UCLA, he wanted to take some visits and see some places and he went out to Notre Dame," Cajon head coach Tim Batton said.

"He is happy with Notre Dame. They were just here a few weeks ago to see us, and I don't think Marlon wants to do anything that would jeopardize anything with them."

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