Quotes of the Week

Each week Irish Eyes offers a collection of the best sound bites from the Notre Dame players and coaches. This week features the best quotes of the week from Notre Dame leading up to the Navy game. This piece also includes Christian McCollum's game prediction.


On this week's media coverage:

"I've not listened to one word, not read one word and anything you say will be news to me so I really don't care."

On last year's loss to Navy:

"As bad as it is getting blown out in a game, which is terrible, it's almost more disheartening when you lose a nail-biter. Because they're the games that can go either way and anyone can win."

On his players calling the 2007 Navy loss an embarrassment:

"They might have been hearing that from me."

On coaching the running backs in Haywood's absence Thursday:

" I've done that before. I coached Curtis Martin in 1994…Everyone said he couldn't play…He ended up going to the Pro Bowl his rookie year so he kind of made me look good."

On his body:

"Now I'm walking around like an old man, my back, my hip. I feel like I'm about 80 years old right now."



On Jimmy Clausen forcing things:

"He knows it and I've lived it and I know the feeling and you want to make something happen and you push the issue and you force it and you get some bad results. I think that's really the gist of what's happened. I don't think it's ill conceived, I think it's very much trying to make a play and do something positive for the team. You just can't always do that, you've got to stay within what we do."


Some X's and O's talk about what North Carolina did vs. BC:

"North Carolina hit them when they were in a cover eight look, which is a quarter-quarter-half deal. They switch-released a bunched look then sent a guy to the flat on a diagonal. Guys get confused in coverage, guy has outside-leverage, hit the vertical seam it's touchdown."


On 2007 Navy loss:

"It happened, it ain't like we're going to rewind time and go back and try it all over again. It's not a video game."


On how the team feels about their performance so far this season:

"Not satisfied."

On his communication with the defense during the game:

"I say thank you to Mo Crum and Kuntz all of the time when they go three-and-out and get us the ball back."


On Weis running in the offensive meetings:

"I'm not sure exactly what I can call it, but it's a difference when your boss walks in or when your manager walks in, you know, almost. Right?"


On the Navy streak coming to an end:

"It's time to start it back up."


Navy's ball control offense:

"With that offensive system they'll eat away at the clock like Pac-Man"

On the importance of this game:

"The team that's up, that's our most important game of the year. That's our bowl game."


On playing the run and the pass against Navy:

"We've got to be aware of the situation and be alert on our threats and make sure our eyes are in the right position at all times. We realize the consequences that the band could be striking it up the other way."


Notre Dame 31, Navy 17: The Irish silence the naysayers for one week at least. Jimmy Clausen shakes off a couple of tough games with another 300-yard performance and the Notre Dame rushing attack is finally able to ice a game in the fourth quarter. The Irish defense does not have the success that it would like on third down, but it limits the Midshipmen's point total.

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