Lemons wants to visit Notre Dame

<P>Tampa Jefferson high school has produced many great college in the past. Jermaine Lemons is another player being recruited and his name has surfaced recently with Notre Dame. I called Jermaine to find out what he plans to do with recruiting. </P>

"My team plays the state championship game this weekend. I then go on my first official visit to Maryland after the game. I am not sure on my stats. I have 15 or 16 sacks this year, I know that. They have me playing defensive end."

After Maryland, Jermaine's visit schedule is up in the air. "I have had Maryland, Tulane and Indiana in for a visit. I will have more next week after my game but I am not sure who is coming. I will probably visit Tulane in January and I want to visit Notre Dame."

I asked Jermaine if the Notre Dame coaches have been keeping in touch with him. "I have talked to them but I haven't heard from them in a while."

Comments. I am not sure how much interest Notre Dame has in Jermaine. I would assume they would keep in contact with him regularly. I will keep an eye on this in case they call him soon.

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