Practice Report: 11/19

It was another freezing day in South Bend, but Charlie Weis decided to take his team outside for practice on Wednesday, the team's third day preparing for Syracuse. The Irish were dressed in full pads and Irish Eyes was there for your report.

Piles of snow surrounded the fields, but the playing surfaces were clear and California native Jimmy Clausen did not seem too bothered as he shouted to kicker Brandon Walker, ‘Woo, it's nice and warm out here B-Walk.'

But it was cold, strength and conditioning coach Ruben Mendoza even donned sweatpants for the first time all year.

Charlie Weis asked director of football operations Chad Klunder what the temperature was so that he could get an indication of how it would compare to Saturday. Klunder told the head coach that it was around 30 degrees and Weis later told me that it would be comparable to what the second half will feel like on Saturday.

Receivers coach Rob Ianello and Duval Kamara were comparing the original Charlie's Angels with the more recent movie edition with the young wideout getting a kick out of hearing his coach talked about the older version.

Corwin Brown joked with Robert Blanton as he put the defensive backs through backpedal drills. ‘You didn't know the weather was going to be like this when we were recruiting you, huh RJ?'

But the freshman did his best to ignore the cold and after catching an interception boldly claimed, ‘Good thing I've got hands, these grown man hands or else that would have hurt.'

The linebackers worked on proper form tackling while the defensive line again worked out using hands against offensive linemen.

Weis kept a close eye on offensive intern KiJuan Ware as he put the running backs through blocking drills in the absence of offensive coordinator/running backs coach Mike Haywood.

John Latina had the offensive line working on getting outside of their opponents and staying on them while graduate assistant Kevin Loney and center Dan Wenger worked with Chris Stewart, who is recovering from knee surgery and was not dressed in full pads. Wenger was doing a good job of getting the right guard up to speed with what he has missed.

Injured tight end Mike Ragone was out there in full pads again, but only watched the tight ends catch balls and working on blocking during the first 20 minutes. Freshman Kyle Rudolph made a big improvement as a run blocker midway through the season and judging just from individual drills it seems that freshman Joseph Fauria is also getting much better as a blocker.

The quarterbacks got their arms loose and Ianello had the wideouts catching balls through the gauntlet and doing the four-cones drill. Top Stories