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Each week Irish Eyes offers a collection of the best sound bites from the Notre Dame players and coaches and comments. This week features the best quotes of the week heading into the Syracuse game. This piece also includes Christian McCollum's game prediction.


On personal attacks from the media:

"Really what bothers me more than anything are national guys or regional guys who are not here day-to-day, and then they feel, forget about the professional, because I said you're already open for scrutiny when things don't go well. But when they personally attack you, I think it's just out of line, and I think it's irresponsible and I think it's really immature."

On Charlie Jr.'s reaction to the end of the Navy game:

"I think that he said two words and it was like 'thank God' or something like that."

Weis' response:

"I said, ‘We had it all the way, Charlie.'"

On Greg Robinson being loose because he knows this is his last year:

"You want to call five flea flickers in a game? Go ahead and call them. What are they going to say? Really, you want to blitz on every down? You want to rush three on every down? Go ahead and do it."

On Robert Blanton's recent play:

"I'm on the RJ bandwagon right now."

On Mike Anello:

"Seems like he should be playing for Navy, doesn't he? I'll take Anello any day of the week. I'm telling you, he's my type of kid. Don't tell him that, though."

On David Bruton as a freshman:

"David Bruton was a skinny little track kid. He walked in here I thought when the wind blew he was going to fall over. Seriously. Maybe he was 180 pounds, maybe. Soaking wet he might have been 180 pounds."

On Bruton as a senior:

"Now he's 210. Runs like a deer. Doesn't run any slower than he did when he was 180. He's jumping 41 inches vertical jump. Running under 4.5 in the 40. And having a nice long career on Sundays. If you would have told me that looking at him walking in the door, you could have won a lot of money off me on that one right there."

On the emotions of Senior Day:

"I don't know which player started it when they kind of took a lap around the field and were high-fiving fans. It's probably, as an alumnus of the school and the head football coach, one of the most touching things you could watch when they're sitting there doing that and just standing back. It's almost surreal when you know it's the last time they're going to get to do it. And a guy like John Carlson jumping into the stands like he's in Green Bay. When would you ever see John Carlson doing something like that? It's a really unique experience."



On the internet buzz of him having a shot at the Syracuse job:

"My mother must be writing the blog."


On Kyle Rudolph's improvement as a run blocker:

"You expect that to happen especially when you keep working on the technique of blocking and understanding the plays. With him, having a good head and a good work ethic, he comes to work everyday wanting to get better. So when you have a guy that wants to get better and works real hard, he has no choice but to get better."


On Mike Anello:

"He's not somebody you should call Rudy. He's beyond that. He's always coming out to work. He's prepared."


On who the better gunner is Bruton or Anello?:

"I'll pick Anello. I think he's a little harder to get his hands on. Bruton is a little bigger, so guys can probably get more hands on him. But obviously Anello is smaller and faster."


Interrupting Crum:

"No, no, not faster. Smaller, but not faster."


On playing younger players:

"We don't really look at guys as freshmen, sophomores, we look at guys more like, OK, when you're out there, you are playing for the Irish; this is what you've got to do. And sometimes, you go with a hot hand, you know. And for whatever reason, some guys are hotter than others."



On the importance of his final two games:

"They're all important. We have two games left and I want our football team to continue developing and I want them to have success. I want them to be able to win. If they could go win at Notre Dame, kudos to them. I really feel that way. There are so many great people on this team. They don't deserve it, you have to earn it. But, I just would like for it to all fall in place and happen for them so that they could taste success in a way that would be very meaningful to them. If they could go and win this week, it would do a whole lot for them down the road the next week."


Notre Dame 41, Syracuse 14: The Irish send their seniors out in style as they smoke Syracuse. The Irish offense gets on top early and the defense is never truly threatened. Weis is able to get all of the seniors into the game and Evan Sharpley gets the chance to throw a touchdown pass for the game's final score in the fourth quarter.

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