Weis Impresses The Evans Family

Charlie Weis has already made an impression on Shaquelle Evans. Now it was time for the Notre Dame head coach to impress the family of the standout receiver from Inglewood, Calif.

On Sunday afternoon, Weis and assistant coach Brian Polian stopped by Shaquelle Evans house for a few hours.

"He was just getting acquainted with my family and getting in with my mom, because he never got to meet her in person, and my grandma, and aunt," Evans explained. "He was just telling them about Notre Dame and all the good stuff about the place, and how I'll fit in and how it's a good thing for me. He was just getting in good with my mom and family."

Looks like it worked.

"It was good," Kalisha Wright, Evan's mother said. "He seems like a real genuine guy. Somebody I can trust with my son."

The first thing Weis said when he walked in the door, was that he could of used Wright's son the night before in the loss to USC.

Weis kept the mood light, and everyone had a good time, but the two parties did get down to business.

"I asked him straight up about his job security," Evans said. "He said he's pretty sure he's going to be there, don't worry he'll be there. From everyone I've heard that knows him, they say he's the most honest guy you can meet, and I heard that tonight, and I'm not worried."

Evans, who chose Notre Dame over USC and several other scholarship offers, also isn't worried about the direction the Irish program is headed.

"It's headed in the right direction," Evans stated. "One of the reasons I chose Notre Dame, is because it's headed in the perfect direction for me.

"All the young players are getting developed and maturing, so those freshmen from last year are about to be juniors, and the freshmen from this year will be sophomores next season. So instead of being a young team, we will be a mature team, and I'll step in at the right time where I can be young and contribute and help us win nine or 10 games. I'm not looking to go 6-6 next year. I'm looking for about five more wins next year."

Having Evans will certainly help with the wins thing.

Evans senior season came to an end a couple weeks ago, and he is resting up before beginning training for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

"I'll get a good solid three to four weeks of training, and I'll be ready for it," Evans said.

Polian, and Irish receivers coach Rob Ianello will be back out to visit Evans in a couple weeks.

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