Kicking It In Hawaii

In mid-November, Nicholas Tausch got a call inviting him to play in the inaugural Hawaii/Polynesia-Mainland Bowl. At first, the Dallas Jesuit standout and future Notre Dame kicker wasn't sure if he could go to Honolulu and play in the Dec. 12th game, but Tausch was able to work it out.

He's glad he did.

Tausch handled the kicking and punting duties for the Mainland team, and drilled a 39-yard field goal down the middle of the uprights, in a 22-8 victory over the host team.

"It was awesome," Nicholas Tausch stated.

"Just the different things we did while we were there, and the guys we were there with, and the teammates, and the kind of guys we'll be playing against next year, and some guys I'll be on the same team with, I thought it was fun and cool to meet them and hang out with them for a week."

Tausch spent a lot of his time with fellow Notre Dame verbal commits Shaquelle Evans, Zeke Motta and Carlo Calabrese.

"I thought it was really fun," Tausch said. "I got to hang out with Shaq before, because when I took my official to Notre Dame, we were both there. With Zeke and Carlo, I kind of got to learn a little bit about them and how they act and everything. I thought that was really fun getting to hang out with them the whole week and kind of becoming teammates."

Tausch committed to the game a couple weeks beforehand, and started working out in preparation.

"It had been a month since I started kicking because we didn't make the playoffs," Tausch explained. "Everyday, I started to kick again, and I hit it hard for a couple weeks."

Tausch was definitely ready to showcase his skills.

Although punting is not his strong suit, Tausch said he averaged 47 yards per punt in the game.

"We had three practices," Tausch began. "Everyday we kind of worked on something different. The first practice, we worked on punting, punt return, stuff like that. The second day, we worked on field goals, field goal block and things like that. The last day, we worked on kickoff and kickoff return. On game day morning, we had a special teams practice and kind of made sure everyone knew their assignment and knew what to do."

Tausch had such a strong week of practice, that a person that helps select players for the U.S. Army All-American game, told him he has a chance to play in the Jan. 3rd contest.

"They still haven't chosen a kicker," Tausch said. "He said they're going to decide that in the next couple weeks. He said he'd keep me posted because he liked what he saw."

Tausch would be honored to play in the San Antonio All-Star game, just like he was in getting the call to go to Hawaii.

"It made me feel really great just knowing not many people can get a call to get a free trip to play with the best people across the nation," Tausch said. "To be considered an All-American and play a game like this, I thought it was a dream come true." Top Stories