Second weekend of recruiting remains mystery

<P>Notre Dame had another recruiting weekend this weekend with 4 prospects officially visiting. Greg Olsen, Mitchell Thomas, Donte Whitner and Brady Quinn all visited South Bend this weekend. Here are my thoughts from the weekend. </P>

I wasn't able to reach Mitchell Thomas and Donte Whitner but I was able to reach Brady Quinn and spoke to him about how the weekend went. I also had Greg Olsen call me this morning so I will give you the scoop on that as well.

I spoke with Brady about his visit. "I really liked it. I hung out with Chris and Greg Olsen, Fasano and Chris Quinn quite a bit. We had a lot of fun." I asked Brady how his conversation with Coach Willingham and Coach Diedrick went. "It was great. We mainly talked about routes that I will need to be able to throw. We also talked about my strength conditioning and what to work on. They went over the quarterback situation again with me and talked about my opportunities to compete. They said I was the only quarterback they were taking."

Brady also talked with me about the other recruits that were visiting with them. "I don't really know on Donte and Mitchell. They seemed like they were having fun but they were both pretty quiet. They didn't say a whole lot but they seemed to be enjoying it. I think Notre Dame has a great shot with Greg Olsen. I talked to him quite a bit. I think he might take a visit or two after this but I think Notre Dame has a great shot to get him."

Brady seemed to really enjoy his visit and is solid with Notre Dame no matter what others are saying about him.

I also spoke with Greg Olsen this morning about his visit. "It went real well. Just being around the players was nice. I got to spend a lot of time with them and I got a good feeling for what it's like at Notre Dame. I mainly hung out with Chris and some of his buddies."

Greg also spent some time with Coach Willingham and Coach Diedrick. I asked what they told him about playing tight end for Notre Dame. "They just told me that they think they have a good situation for me. I have a chance to come in and compete for a job right away and we will see how things work out from there."

I asked Greg if anything surprised him on his visit to Notre Dame. "Not really, I have been there so many times that nothing is really going to surprise me. I pretty much knew what to expect from being there and talking to Chris."

Greg told me that he would visit Miami next weekend and then sit down and evaluate things. I think Greg will make a decision sometime shortly after that visit or it might go into the new year. I don't think he will take more visits after the Miami visit but he hasn't ruled that out either. Greg said everyone is equal at this point.

I also checked on some of the other top targets the Irish are recruiting. I spoke with Lewis Baker's foster Dad Lon last night. "He liked it a lot. They just have some different things to offer. They really sold Lewis on the success of their program and winning National Championships. I don't know if he will take more visits. I am not sure he knows either. I am going to guess he decides between these two schools soon. It might be this week. I think it's very close between both schools. He might decide to take more visits but I think he might sit down and think about these two schools this week." I expect Lewis to decide sometime this weekend between OU and ND. I think it's too close to call right now. Hopefully Notre Dame can get someone in his home this week.

I also spoke with Joe Thomas last night. Joe has already taken three visits but hasn't set his final two yet. "I wanted to have them set up by now but I haven't been able to. My basketball schedule has not allowed me to visit anywhere. I will take my final two visits in January. I just need to figure out when."

I asked Joe if he plans to visit Notre Dame. "I am going to go there on an unofficial visit on Sunday I think. They have bowl practice so I want to stop by there again. I won't visit there officially but I wanted to see Notre Dame again." Joe has in-home visits with Purdue tonight and Wisconsin on Tuesday."

I asked Joe where Notre Dame stood right now and when he plans to announce his decision. "Notre Dame is still up there. I have about 10 schools I am still considering. I probably won't decide until late January."

It's hard to say where Notre Dame sits with Joe but I do think they are one of his very top schools.

I also got the chances to speak with Tom Zbikowski last night. Tom just returned from a visit to Iowa. "It was fun. I got to go to the Iowa/Iowa State basketball game. That was a lot of fun. I liked being around the players there. I thought my visits would make it easier to decide which school I like best but that is not happening so far."

I asked Tom what his plans were. "I will visit Nebraska and then think it over and talk with my family over Christmas. I will probably announce my decision sometime after the all-star game." Tom has Iowa in tonight and Coach Gill and Solich in tomorrow. "I don't have anything schedule with Notre Dame yet." Hopefully, someone will stop in to see Tom and his family this week.

As for Mitchell Thomas and Donte Whitner. I think Notre Dame will have the best chance with Thomas. I not sure how much of a chance they have right now. Whitner has long been a Ohio State/Michigan battle. I don't expect Notre Dame to be in this race in the end but you never know. Top Stories