Back From Hawaii

Shaquelle Evans was having a great time in Hawaii. In Honolulu last week for the inaugural Hawaiian/Polynesian-Mainland All-Star game, Evans did some kayaking, surfing, attended a luau, and just hung out with all the other players.

The four-star star receiver from Inglewood, Calif., was also dominating on the field during practice, and early on in the actual game.

Life couldn't get any better.

Then it quickly got worse. For a couple of hours, Shaquelle Evans' trip turned disastrous.

"I got hurt in the game," the 6-foot-2, 200-pound Notre Dame verbal commit said. "I was trying to catch the ball, and I got caught in an awkward position, and a guy hit me."

Evans couldn't help but instantly think the worst.

"I thought it was bad," he said. "I thought I was going to be out for three or four months.

"When I got to the hospital after the game, I found out it wasn't that serious.

"All it is, is a strained muscle. My doctor told me to stay off of it for a week. No running and no physical activity, just staying off of it.

"I can walk real well. I can jog a little bit. I'm not full speed running yet, but I should be by the middle of next week, or the end of next week. I should be ready for the Army (All-American) Game. Right now, I'm not making any assumptions, but I should be ready."

After showing out in practice in Hawaii, and playing a part in the Mainland's 22-8 victory over the Hawaiian/Polynesian team, Evans knows he'll be ready when he hit's the field in San Antonio in a couple weeks for the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

"It didn't surprise me," Evans said of his play in Honolulu. "I know I'm good whoever I play against, but it still makes you feel good you can go out and make plays against people who are good as you. It gives you a boost of confidence."

Evans spent a lot of time with fellow Notre Dame verbal commits Zeke Motta, Carlo Calabrese and Nicholas Tausch, who were also part of the Mainland team.

"They made some good plays," Evans said. "I think Carlo had a sack, and Zeke had a forced fumble. All the Notre Dame commits were making plays out there."

The Hawaiian All-Star game also gave Evans a taste of what he'll experience the first week in January at the Army game, and what to be ready for when he arrives at Notre Dame.

"It just gives you a sense of what it's going to be like when you get up there," Evans said.

The Notre Dame coaching staff has been doing its best to make sure Evans is familiar with every aspect of being a college student in South Bend.

Head coach Charlie Weis visited Evans the last week of November. Assistant coach Brian Polian has been back twice since, the latter time on Tuesday of this week with receivers coach Rob Ianello.

"They're just seeing what's going on," Evans said. "Just telling me about their bowl game coming up, and telling me about applications I need to fill out, and classes I'll be taking, and what things are going to be like when I get up there. They talked to my mom about stuff, ate and left." Top Stories