Brey Visits McCallum

Through four games, it looks like Ray McCallum has had no problem fitting in with his new teammates.

Ray McCallum recently moved from Bloomington, Ind., to Michigan, when his father Ray was hired back in April to coach the Detroit Titans, following a stint as an assistant coach at Indiana University.

The move put the four-star, class-of-2010 point guard in position to take the ball at Detroit Country Day.

"It's been good," McCallum said. Teaming up with fellow Division-I recruits Donnavan Kirk, Da Shonte Riley, Jordan Dumars and Amire Williams, Detroit Country Day has one of the best teams in the state, and are currently 4-0. "The first game, I had 10 points and nine assists. Then the second game, I had 21 points and 11 assists. Then I had 22 points and eight assists. (Saturday) night, I had 18 points.

"I've played with these guys since June, and I know how they play. Since playing with them in open gyms, I've really gotten to know them well. I just came in and fit in real well, just running the show, getting them the ball, if I score great, and do my thing."

McCallum's thing has earned him a lot of attention from college programs across the country. The 6-foot-1, 165-pound prospect is's sixth-ranked point guard in his class, and he has racked up scholarship offers from places like Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas and Notre Dame.

"Right now, I don't know what I'm going to do school wise," McCallum said. "I really want to play out this year and see where it takes me. Everyone recruiting me, I'm giving them the same amount of interest. I'm going to finish out this season, and more towards the summer, break down schools."

With that being said, McCallum is still following college basketball, and one of the team's he's been watching is Notre Dame. A couple of times this fall, McCallum had potential visits to South Bend fall through.

Since McCallum couldn't make it to Notre Dame, the Irish staff has brought the program to him. Assistant coach Anthony Solomon has been to a couple of those open gyms, and Mike Brey was at one of McCallum's games last Saturday. Brey then called McCallum to let him know what he thought.

"He just told me good game, and that they want to get me up for a game," McCallum said. "I think the College Gameday game in January (against Connecticut on the 24th). I'll see what my schedule is, and if I can get up there, I'll try and get there.

"He' a good guy, good coach," McCallum added of Brey. "Real confident in his players and his program. Sounds like he really wants me to come there a lot."

McCallum gets that impression from Solomon as well. Solomon emails McCallum on a regular basis.

"He emails me quite often, staying in touch. Normally after one of my games, he'll get the report of how I played and congratulate us on the win and everything."

"I've been following them this year and watching them. Good coach, good team, I like the way they play so it's all good.

"Tory Jackson, I think he'll be gone by the time I'd be a freshman, so I think I could come right in and get the playing time that I'd like."

And McCallum would likely have no problems fitting in as well. Top Stories