East Practice: Notre Dame Commits Update

SAN ANTONIO – At least for a short while, two-a-days are here again. On Monday, in preparation for the Army All-American game, both the East and West squads hit their respective practice fields for the first day of workouts for Saturday afternoon's contest.

Three Notre Dame verbal commits were suited up for the East team at Gustafson Stadium, in four-star defensive tackle Tyler Stockton, four-star safety Zeke Motta, and three-star tight end Jake Golic.

Scout.com's recruiting analyst Bob Lichtenfels was at both of the East's practices, and commented on how each player faired.

Looks like Stockton, the 6-foot-1, 280-pound standout from Princeton, N.J., had one of the best showings of any player on the East team.

"Tyler, perfect fit for Notre Dame, nose tackle, he's more of a run stuffer," Lichtenfels began. "He's such a low center of gravity, he gets under the pads, the kid's just ferocious. He literally gets under people's pads, just like a wrestler, I don't know if he wrestles in high school, but he's very strong, gets under the pads of those bigger guys and just tosses them around.

"He's a perfect fit for a nose tackle. If you look at the kid walking the hallways around the hotel, he's the most unassuming kid you've ever seen, he doesn't even look like a football player. But when you see that kid with pads on, he gets after it.

"His film is good," Lichtenfels continued. "He's a tough, tough kid. But, when you see him in New Jersey playing against some of the guys he plays against there, here he is playing against All-Americans, kids that are four and five star kids, and he's tearing them apart, so it's a little more impressive."

Because of travel reasons, seven players from the East didn't make it to the Lone Star State in time for Monday's workouts, so the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Motta, who will play outside linebacker at Notre Dame, had to play safety the first day.

"Zeke's a great looking kid, body wise, build, he's every bit of 6-2, 200 pounds," Lichtenfels said of the Vero Beach, Fla., product. "He runs well, he's just not a guy that you're going to put at safety that's going to cover a slot guy like a Jeremy Gallon, a small, fast quick kid.

"In that 3-4 at Notre Dame, at linebacker, the kid is going to be a stud. It wouldn't surprise me if he was an All-American some day, he's that good, just not a safety."

Motta expects to be playing linebacker in practice on Tuesday. He played a lot of safety in high school, but got a taste of what college linebacker will be like at the Hawaiian/Polynesian All-Star Game in Honolulu a couple weeks ago.

When Motta moves to linebacker, a player he will line up across from on occasion in practice is his future teammate Golic.

According to Lichtenfels, the 6-foot-5, 223-pound Golic got a little loss in the shuffle of Monday's practice.

"Golic, they have three tight ends which is a lot for an all-star team when you don't even really use a tight end. Logan Thomas and Orson Charles kind of stole the show. Jake was kind of that third guy in the rotation, but I can't sell the Golic family short because we did that to Michael last year, and by the end of the week he showed that he belonged here.

"The biggest thing I noticed about Jake is he is so undersized. He probably has to gain 40 or 50 pounds before he is ready to step on the college football field, but as I was saying, it's hard for a tight end to show up in one of these, especially when you have three, and when two of them are as good as those two guys, it's tough, so he is going to be a kid that we watch throughout the week and see what he does."

Golic will get more of an opportunity to shine later in the week, as the team was installing the offense today, and the tight end was seldom used.

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