An Awesome Time

SAN ANTONIO - Zeke Motta kind of figured his safety days were behind him.

Thanks to mother nature and delayed flights, the future Notre Dame linebacker was wrong.

On Monday, the first day of practices in preparation for the U.S. Army All-American game, seven players for the East missed practice because of travel issues, and Zeke Motta lined up at strong safety.

Not that the 6-foot-3, 210-pound, four-star standout from Vero Beach, Fla., was mad.

"It kind of shows people I can do both, do whatever they want," Motta said.

Notre Dame wants Motta to come in at outside linebacker. Motta got a chance to play the position a couple weeks ago in Honolulu at the Hawaiian/Polynesian-Mainland All-Star game, and will get to do so again this week.

Motta is trying to use his experiences on the island and in San Antonio as a catalyst into his early enrollment to Notre Dame and for spring football.

"Just to work hard, and do well in school and hopefully try and start," Motta said of his expectations of Notre Dame. "That's one of my goals, is to try and start. It might be possible with me going in early and working out and learning the system."

Motta doesn't feel weird that this is his last high school experience before becoming a college man, and playing in Hawaii has him comfortable for the All-American settings in Texas.

"It's awesome," Motta said of being in the Alamo City. "It's amazing and it's exciting right now."

An exciting time Motta wasn't sure was possible before the summer heading into his senior season.

"Going into the summer, I knew about it, I knew (the Army game) existed," Motta began. "I never thought it could've been made possible. I think it was one of my goals I had that I wanted to try and achieve, and I got that.

"I think some of the awards I got in my community, I think me going from camp to camp and kind of conveying the way I work, my work ethic, and obviously showing my talent at different camps, I think people see that and started saying good things I hope. And word gets passed around and you end up at like the Top Gun camp where they had most of the guys that are here, and I did well there."

Now Motta hopes to do well at the Alamo Dome, the site of Saturday afternoon's game.

"First practice went well, it was smooth," Motta stated. "I think that the players, all the players were good, and it was fun."

Motta is also having fun hanging out with the other All-Americans. In Honolulu, he was joined by fellow Irish verbal commits Shaquelle Evans, Carlo Calabrese and Nicholas Tausch. In San Antonio, Evans is also here, as well as Cierre Wood, Chris Watt, Tyler Stockton and Jake Golic.

"I don't want to stick around with just them," Motta said. "I kind of want to go and talk to all the other guys too, because I'm going to have a lot of time with the Notre Dame guys soon." Top Stories