Day 2: East Practice Report

Irish Eyes was at the East Army All-American practice at Gustafson Stadium Tuesday afternoon to check on three ND commits. Find out how Tyler Stockton, Zeke Motta and Jake Golic look against some of the top talent in the country.

SAN ANTONIO – Tuesday was the second day of practice for the East squad and Tyler Stockton, Zeke Motta and Jake Golic.

My initial impressions of Stockton are that he's very much in the mold of Trevor Laws. First, he's a 100 percent motor guy. He's all over the field. He wants to take every rep, and plays every rep like it's meaningful.

Stockton's short, probably 6-0 and probably about 270 pounds. He has the big lower body, but he can add a lot more good weight to that lower frame. He's extremely explosive, he fires off the ball with authority. Sometimes he comes off a little high, but he usually does this when trying to knife through double teams, which he did many, many times today. When a double team duo do get him square he gets beat, but it doesn't happen too often where a double team does get their hands on him, at least not today.

He's not just a straight-line guy, either. He does a nice job looping and moving sideways in twists and stunts, and has the quickness to make them effective. He's a great penetrator and is constantly in the backfield, which means he's more of a one-gap player, but he causes all kinds of problems because he's always in the backfield.

He does a nice job with the run. He gets low and sheds blocks pretty well.

The good news is he's not in great shape right now. He needs to redistribute some weight, but when he gets stronger, he's got as much potential as either Derek Landri or Laws, I was a big fan of both. He could be better because he'll be bigger than Landri and Laws most likely, and he's got the same quickness and a non-stop motor.

I'm very excited about his future. He's always around the ball. ND got a great one here.

I spent a lot of time watching Motta as well. Zeke reminds me a lot of Rocky Boiman as an athlete, although he may be a tad quicker. He's all of 6-2 and probably 6-3. He looks at least 210 and probably 215.

He can add some lower body weight, but he's in excellent physical shape currently. You can also easily tell he's a coach's son. Every little thing he does he does it with focus and intensity.

He moves well for his size, he showed good awareness in 7-on-7. He was in good position on most plays but not many plays came his way.

It was kind of an uneventful day for the linebackers. Nobody really was able to do much other than in team. During the team session, Zeke made the first tackle on a run play to open the period. He showed excellent quickness and awareness to the ball.

He was running first team today in what looked like a weakside linebacker position. Most of the day they were playing without tight ends, so it was hard to know, but during team he was lined up at weakside backer.

I also spent time watching Golic. Jake is quicker than I anticipated, he's a pretty good athlete. He's skinny, but he's not any skinnier than Logan Thomas. Thomas might have more top-end speed, but Jake showed the same type of quickness.

Golic struggled a bit catching the ball today. He probably dropped three or four balls, but made some nice grabs as well.

One thing is certain, he's not afraid to mix it up in blocking. He's a physical player and will get after it when he does engage in blocking.

With Golic, like his brother Mike, he's a good athlete, but he's just undersized a bit. Once he puts on some weight we should get a better idea. He looks like he can be a good prospect, but he's not as athletic as Thomas.

The game, and this East offense is probably more set up for Thomas to shine than Jake, but I wasn't overwhelmed by Thomas compared to Golic. Thomas is the better athlete with a little more vertical speed.

I'll need to see more of Jake to get a better feel for his talent. The tight ends are essentially wide receivers in this offense. Top Stories