Blog: Wednesday's West Practice

SAN ANTONIO - Irish Eyes publisher Mike Frank reports on the West team's Wednesday scrimmage inside the Alamo Dome. Notre Dame verbal commits Cierre Wood, Shaquelle Evans and Chris Watt were in action.

The stretching begins. The most boring part of practice. For a srimmage day, it's pretty damn quiet. Not everyone out on the field yet. Just not a lot of emotion out of this group.

3:00 First drill was kick coverage. Didn't see any ND prospects on that drill.

Chris Watt lined up with first-team offense. Didn't see either Wood or Shaq lined up with first-team offense. At least for this first series.

Watt does a great job in double team on incomplete pass on DT Clavin Howell.

Third play was a sweep. Watt does nice job getting to second level. Play ran his side.

3:05--Next play was a screen. Watt did a nice job coming out for his block, but the ball was picked.

Next play was a run. Watt pulled, didn't find his guy to hit. His guy made the tackle. Still no Wood or Shaq.

Players are not being taken to the ground.

Offense punts, punter drops the ball. Didn't see much there.

Wood in on the second series. Was a fake to him. Pass complete to Greg Timmons for big gain. Watt good block.

Wood carry for minus-5 yards. Two guys in the backfield as soon as he gets the ball. Next play, play action to Wood, incomplete.

Quick pass complete. Shaq finally in the game. Not complete to him though.

Nice run up the middle. Watt had good block to spring it.

Another pass. Watt did a great job in pass protection on some guy with no number on his jersey. Incomplete.

Another good run. DeAndre Coleman and Watt get big push against Jamarkus McFarland and co.

Another punt.

Another big run. Christine Michael this time. Watt fell on his block.

Watt now out and another guy in.

Another bad pass. No ND prospects in.

Now to goal line.

West scores. Again, no ND players in the game.

Guy who impressed me so far is linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Quick to the ball. Hits hard.

West threw another TD. A.J. McCarron threw the TD.

Deandre Colemen is a very good lineman. Very impressed with his play at OT. Quick and powerful at right tackle.

Watt back in the game next to Coleman. this is an impressive duo. Still on goal line. Another good push from this duo.

Another incomplete pass. Good pass protection again by Watt. Not overly impressed with the west D-linemen though. Think the West is somewhat weak.

A touchdown pass. Another nice pass protection by Watt.

Field goal attempt, good, but pressure up the middle. Special teams in these games are usually poor.

They're working on field goal right now. Converted all three attempts.

Now kickoff return. Cierre is back for first-team kickoff return.

Randall Carroll also back with Wood for kickoffs, and grabbed the kickoff. Fast guy, even though they're running half speed.

Offense back on the field. Wood in the game, Watt and it appears Shaq. Screen for no yards. Nice overage by Cliff Harris.

Another pass play. Shaq torched his man on a post but the QB didn't see him.

Mainly using Shaq in the slot.

Cierre is lined up off-set in the shotgun as the West running a spread. Watt still in as well working against Calvin Howell.

Handoff to Cierre. Minus-5 as he tried to get outside but Howell beat Watt for pressure up field.

Kickoff now. No ND guys on kickoff coverage.

No ND guys in for this series of offense.

Nick Kasa had a sack. He's impressive on most plays. Quicker than I thought.

Wood back in the game in the I-formation, but as the up back. Play-action and picked by Kevin Brent.

Another TD pass to Greg Timmons, who made a great play on an under-thrown ball on CB Gage Lynn.

Wood got a carry outside. Picked up 2 yards and met by 4 defenders. Just not a lot of good blocking from the West O.

Wood in single I. Met by Jamarcus McFarland when he got the ball. Wow, this O-line is struggling blocking.

Punt, terrible punt, and 4 defenders at the punter.

Watt back in. O scrimmage from opposition 20. Pass for TD. Watt handled Howell on pass block very well. Nice fade throw.

Nice run inside for 6 yards. Watt had the nice block there.

Another TD from the 20. Watt and Phillip combine for a nice block on Craig Drummond.

Extra points now. Good.

Shaq Evans back for this series. Wood back as well. Watt out.

Another carry for Wood. Picked up two. Nice spin move, but right into more defenders. Bad blocking.

West QBs running for their lives. Another bad pass under pressure.

Great blitz pickup by Cierre. Didn't matter as more pressure coming. Incomplete pass.

Another draw to Wood where he's met by Drummond when he gets the ball.

Completed pass, finally.

Wood finally found a crease from Watt and the center. Picked up 9 yards.

Incomplete pass. Watt and Phillip did a nice job picking up a stunt/twist. Nice protection.

Flare pass to Cierre picks up 10 and first down.

Another flare pass to Cierre loses 5 yards. He shows soft hands and not afraid to catch the ball in traffic

Now punting. Not much exciting here to type. No ND prospects on punt coverage.

That sounds like that was it.

My comments: I wouldn't expect many fireworks out of Cierre Wood or Shaq Evans on Saturday. The West offensive line just doesn't appear to be able to stop the West defense, and I believe the East defensive line is better.

I did see some good things, however. Chris Watt did a real nice job today, even though you can tell he's tired. When the ball is snapped though, he's out there fighting. He's smaller, but he did a nice job against some of the better guys the West has to offer. They didn't run much, but he seemed to be involved in anything they had positive on the ground today.

Watt pass protected pretty well today as well. He'll need to work on his technique a bit, but he moves his feet pretty well, and does a nice job getting out of his stance to handle the rush. Overall I've been impressed with Watt. He has some work to do, but more strength will help him a great deal.

On Wood, you know he's a great athlete. He moves so well. He's one of the best athletes here at this game. Unfortunately we haven't see him do much due to the poor play of the offensive line.

Shaq Evans was in the scrimmage as I reported, but there wasn't one ball thrown his way. He wasn't in as much as the other receivers, but he also still appears slowed by his injury a bit. When he runs, he continues to impress me because he's more explosive than I first believed.

That's about all I have from the scrimmage. Top Stories