Blog: Wednesday's East Practice

SAN ANTONIO - Irish Eyes publisher Mike Frank reports on the East team's Wednesday scrimmage inside the Alamo Dome. Notre Dame verbal commits Tyler Stockton, Zeke Motta and Jake Golic were in action during the scrimmage.

The East comes out and they've got A LOT more emotion. This sounds like a football team. I'd be surprised if the West has a chance. The East just seems much more excited to be here. Lots of chatter. Lots of guys having fun. Lots of emotion.

The stretching back in 10 minutes.

OK, where we go.....

Tyler Stockton continues to be a very popular guy. He's always joking around with guys. He's always pushing guys and talking smack on the sidelines.

The East starts off practice with offensive versus defense. Stockton is first team. As is Zeke Motta again.

First play is a sack. Stockton got OK pressure.

Second play was another pass, incomplete. Zeke is playing strong side today. Another pass play. Incomplete, but Stockton would have had the sack had they let it go.

Next play QB was forced out the pocket and ran for a good gain. Jake Golic in the game as well. Hard to tell who is playing TE and who is playing WR.

Pass to Golic, who was wide open but he dropped the ball.

Next was a TD pass. Good pressure from the East D, but nice pass by Newsome to Josh Adams.

Zeke back in. They threw at him but he had blanket coverage on his man. He runs better than I thought. Really reminds me of Harrison Smith.

Josh Boyd is one heck of a player. He's been unstoppable most times I've watched him.

More pressure and an incomplete pass.

Nice pass by Aaron Murry for a big pickup. Big hit by Jon Bostic on the tackle.

Tajh Boyd to Roderick McDowell for a big TD. Stockton probably would've sacked him had he not pulled up. Can't hit the QB.

Incomplete pass. Good bull rush by Boyd again.

Orson Charles picks up a big gain. Zeke Motta in coverage. He got beat on that play.

Another pass in deep middle. Zeke had nice coverage of his zone.
Michael Carter.

Boyd gets another sack. He's very good. He may push Tyler for the starting spot, but that's because he's probably the best DL I've seen down here. He's outstanding so far.

He was the guy I mentioned yesterday as well.

Tyler back in. So is Golic.

Tyler got handled one-on-one with Morgan Moses.

Shrive did a nice job of pushing Tyler by the QB. Tyler pressured him, but Shrive pushed him away at the last minute.

QB flushed, Zeke came up on the tackle. Looked very quick.

Flare to a back, Zeke came up to make the stop after 2 yards.

Wow, Logan Thomas just made a great catch over Michael Carter. Pushed off a bit, but that's what a bigger body gets you. He runs well. Good player.

No ND prospects for this play. Incomplete pass.

Boyd just got his 5th sack on the day with a great spin move.

Shrive just got into it with John Simon. A few blows.

Zeke and Stockton back in. Niether player involved in the next play.

That might be it for the scrimmage. They may go special teams now.

Orson Charles just called the defense out. Told them: "We coming." Might just be a break as they're just catching their breath and getting some water now.

Looks like we're back in action.

Offense got stuffed for minus 1 on one of their only runs this scrimmage—big celebration by the defense..

Screen play blown up by the D. No ND prospects in on the play.

Stockton just beat Shrive on a great pass rush for a sackl.

Murry incomplete after big pressure from entire D-line.

Boyd back in for Stockton. Golic in on this play. Boyd in for another pressure over Morgan moses. Complete pass to the back.

Jake in for this play, didn't throw his way. Nice route, and he was open. Incomplete pass.

No ND prospects this play.

Handoff to Bryce Brown, showed great feet. Reversed field and picked up 7 yards. Boyd in the backfield again.

Savage incomplete pass to Orson Charles. No ND prospects in the game.

Zeke back in. Stockton back in now.

Run up the middle. Stockton on the stop. threw the carrier to the ground.

All 3 ND prospects in on this play. False start. Try again.

Tyler and Shrive have a stalemate on a run for no gain.

Completed pass to TE Orson Charles who lets the world know. Has been talking for about 3 minutes about it. Good pressure by D-line, but nice throw.

Good pressure by Stockton and a pick by safety Willie Downs, who got up to make a great pick.

Run play, Bryce Brown got stuffed by John Simon, who got good penetration.

Golic in, the others not for this play. Wow, Bryce Brown hits the hole and put a big spin move on Dorian Bell. Left Bell grasping for air for about 30-yard gain. Bryce Brown is a good player.

Murry sacked by Donte Moss, and he hit the QB. Boyd close behind. And that's it, folks.

My comments: Three days in a row Tyler Stockton shows a great motor, excellent quickness, and great athletic ability. He's a great prospect. Once he gains some strength, he could do a lot of damage for the Irish. Motor is everything at the next level, and he's got plenty of it. I'll be surprised if he doesn't play early for Notre Dame. It might not be as a freshman, but I bet he plays early and often in his career.

Zeke Motta showed some good ability to run. He's very athletic. He showed he can cover, but like any high school linebacker, he'll need to learn more. He'll be a very athletic linebacker who is fundamentally sound. He''s a smart player. He reminds me a lot of Harrison Smith.

The only time we saw Golic involved was the one ball throw that he dropped. He ran good routes on a number of plays. He got open, but the ball didn't come his way. Again, it's hard to know anything by watching what we witnessed today. But he did show good effort, quickness and the ability to get open. He's upstaged by Logan Thomas and Orson Charles as both have more speed. Top Stories