Calls from Tuesday

<P>I spoke with Mitchell Thomas, Donte Whitner and Lewis Baker last night. Baker plans to announce his decision between Notre Dame and Oklahoma in ESPN chat today. </P>

I spoke with Lewis late night night. "I plan to announce tomorrow in ESPN chat. It's sometime between 2 and 4 PM but I am not sure on the actual time."

So who is it going to be? "Well, I don't really want to say anything at all. It's very close and I have been praying on it. I will sleep on it tonight." Has Lewis decided already? "Yeah, I think I have. I am pretty sure I know where I will be committing. "

Comments. From my connections and reading between the lines, I think he will choose Oklahoma. Good luck to Lewis no matter which team he chooses. It has been a pleasure talking with him.

I also got the change to speak with Mitchell Thomas last night. "It was a good visit. I liked a lot of things about Notre Dame. The atmosphere is great. I liked the players a lot, the campus and the coaches were great too."

I asked Mitchell if he felt like he fit in there and could see himself going to Notre Dame. "Yeah, I felt like I fit in real well. I could see myself there."

Thomas also got the chance to speak to Coach Willingham and Coach Simmons on his visit. "They stressed how much they would like to have me come there. They said I had a great opportunity to play early and get a good education and that they wanted me as part of their team. They are good people."

I asked Thomas what he plans to do now. "I am kind of trying to sort all of this out now. I am waiting to see what happens at Alabama and I want to talk to them. I am also looking at Florida, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Georgia and Auburn. I think I will wait it out and see what happens."

I asked Thomas if he felt that going away that far from home would be a problem for him. "No, not really. I don't think it would bother me. I will probably take all my visits and then decide what I want to do."

Comments. Notre Dame is still in the race here. The real indicator will be what his reaction to Mike Price is. I think the Irish have a shot here.

I also spoke to Donte Whitner briefly. "It was nice." Not too exciting though? "No, nothing too exciting."

I asked Donte if he has eliminated Notre Dame from consideration. "No, not yet. I am still considering them."

Donte has recently talked about enrolling in January. I asked if that were true and if he had enough credits to do that. "Yeah, that is true and I have enough credits. I can do that and I am trying to get that straightened out. I plan to do that." I asked Donte if he talked to Notre Dame about that. "No, we didn't talk about that."

Comments. I know everyone wants good news but I think ND is out. It's not unexpected however. Donte will decide a few days after Christmas and still plans to visit Miami this weekend. I don't think he will choose Notre Dame." Top Stories