Offers Coming In For Espinosa

Earlier this month, when Dominic Espinosa arrived in San Antonio the day before the U.S. Army National Combine, a showcase for some of the nation's top juniors, he saw a few of the other participants walking around the hotel, and he wasn't sure how he was going to fare.

"Coming into it, seeing all the kids there, and I'm maybe one of the more undersized linemen, I'm around 6-3, 280, and there are guys that are 6-6, 6-7, I knew there as a lot of real talented players there."

Dominic Espinosa more than proved he was one of them.

Arguably one of the best offensive linemen in attendance, the Leander, Texas product did more than hold his own in one-on-ones against the bigger defensive linemen. named him to its All-Combine Second Team.

"For me, it was a matter of who wanted it more, and who showed the most heart," Espinosa said. "I gave my all, and I'm glad about how I showed up there."

When Espinosa showed up in San Antonio, the Cedar Park High standout already held a scholarship offer from LSU. In the week since he's been home, Texas A&M, Houston and Baylor have stepped up and offered.

More offers are likely to come for Espinosa, who plays tackle in high school but is looking to play center on the next level. Texas Tech, Oregon, Virginia, Lousiville, Duke, SMU and Connecticut are among the many other programs showing interest right now.

"I'm guessing I'm getting noticed now because people are starting to see my film, and maybe they hadn't watched it yet," Espinosa explained. "With schools hearing how I did at the combine, hopefully more schools will show interest."

Perhaps Notre Dame will be one of those schools.

Espinosa said he received a letter from Notre Dame while he was a sophomore, but he hasn't heard anything since. A straight-A student, he'd love to hear from the Irish coaching staff.

"I know mainly about the tradition the school has, and the academics, and what going there means," Espinosa said.

"I'm open to anything. It's a matter of them noticing me, and me hearing from them and hearing what they have to offer."

LSU, Baylor, Houston and Texas A&M coaches have told Espinosa what they think he has to offer to their respective programs.

"I've heard a lot of people say they really like my feet, how I move," Espinosa said. "They tell me from my game film I play nasty, and play hard. They say I have low pad level and I block well in the second level."

Espinosa attended a couple Texas games this past season, and has been to Texas A&M's first junior day. He has plans to go to junior days at LSU, SMU, Baylor and Houston.

"And whoever else invites me."

Espinosa would like to make a college decision before his senior season, and will likely enroll early to whatever school he decides to play at.

"Definitely a school where I get that feeling it's the school for me, and it seems like a perfect school for me," Espinosa said of what he's looking for. "Having a good education obviously, and a good program where I can get some playing time and help out.

"I used to be worried about location, but now I'm more open to more schools and seeing what's out there, and what they have to offer." Top Stories