Lattimore Enjoyed Speaking With Weis

If Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis would've called a few minutes later, he would've missed Byrnes standouts Marcus Lattimore, Corey Miller and Brandon Willis.

After watching their film on Friday, Weis called the Duncan, S.C. high school at 3:30 p.m. to offer them a scholarship.

"I was about to go," Marcus Lattimore said.

"As I was about to leave, my coach yelled my name. He said Charlie Weis is on the phone. I was surprised."'s top running back in the class-of-2010, the five-star Lattimore is now up to 23 scholarship offers. He also holds full-rides from places like Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, Michigan, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida State.

"Coach Weis just asked me if I'm interested, and I said very interested, and he said I'm offering you a scholarship," Lattimore said. "He was just a cool guy to talk to, a cool guy. Then I talked to coach (Corwin) Brown, he's recruiting my area, and he said congrats and that he'll be in touch.

"I just want to get up there one time for a visit."

In helping lead Byrnes to a state championship this past fall, the 6-foot, 211-pound Lattimore rushed for 2,314 yards and 30 touchdowns. He added 33 receptions for 393 yards, staking a claim to be the best overall player in the country.

"I really never thought I'd be at this level that I'm at right now," Lattimore said. "I really have to thank my teammates. They make me better. My o-line, everyone, I can't do it without those people on the field. When people say I'm the best player in the country, it's crazy because I never thought I'd be anywhere on this level that I am.

"It's a blessing."

Lattimore thinks the same of his latest scholarship offer.

"I had never talked to Charlie Weis before," he said. "It was humbling talking to him. He was a great coach with the Patriots. I was surprised.

"You know if you come out of Notre Dame with a degree, you're going to have a good job anywhere. And just, they play on TV every weekend, on NBC, so that's exposure every Saturday. With a pro football coach, you know he has connections to the NFL, and they have a good running game."

Lattimore isn't planning on making his college decision until National Signing Day next February. He has already taken visits to Florida State and South Carolina. This spring, he plans on going to Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and LSU. This summer, he is looking at taking trips to Notre Dame and Alabama.

"I'm looking to see just how comfortable I feel there, and how my mom feels with the coaches is one main thing I'm looking for," Lattimore explained. "If they have my major or not, which is going to be sports management most likely. And just, how the area is, and the facilities, that's not that important, but facilities will be a good one." Top Stories