Ready To Talk To Weis

Dominique Easley has been talking with Notre Dame assistant coach Ron Powlus a lot lately. Today, the talented 6-foot-3, 253-pound defensive end from Staten Island, N.Y., is hoping to find himself on the phone with a different Irish coach.

That coach would be the head coach, Charlie Weis.

"He told me I'm going to talk to coach Weis soon," Dominique Easley said of Powlus. "He wants me to talk to him (today)."

Easley knows what that entails.

If a recruits finds themselves on the phone with Weis, they're usually roping in another scholarship offer. Easley already holds full-rides from Rutgers and Syracuse, and would love to add one from Notre Dame.

"I've always liked them since I was a kid," Easley said. "It was just a school that always caught my attention, and I always liked watching them and stuff.

"I know the facilities are good. Everybody knows the education is the most important thing, and they have a good education program. I know their defensive line doesn't like to just sit back. They like to run, and it's the type of defense I'd like to play in."

Looks like Easley could play in any defense.

This past season, Easley had 51 tackles, 10 sacks, an interception and two fumble recoveries he ran back for touchdowns. Powlus talked to Easley about what he and the rest of the Irish staff thought of his film.

"He said he sees that I'm a good leader to my team," Easley said. "They got my film, and he said I know you're a great player and he just wants to know if I'm going to work hard and everything.

"We also talk about grades and everything. Education and stuff. He makes sure everything is up to par."

Easley recently attended a Rutgers junior day. He plans to visit Notre Dame for its spring game in April, and also has plans to trip to Connecticut. Easley will take his time and make a decision after his senior season.

"Most importantly education," Easterly said of what he's looking for in a school. He is looking to major in sports medicine or law. "And the type of environment, things like that." Top Stories