Notre Dame Still Has A Great Chance

Most high school football recruits love to rack up scholarship offers. Chance Carter is on the opposite end of that spectrum.

"I hope no other offers come," Chance Carter stated.

"I'm trying to make a decision. I really don't want to prolong this too long. I don't want to distract my teammates and be selfish and all of that. I want to put all of my time into the team and next season, instead of taking care of personal stuff."

With that being said, the 6-foot-4, 235-pound defensive end from Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Ill., is definitely excited about some of the scholarship offers he already does have.

Carter is currently favoring Notre Dame, Stanford, Wisconsin and Nebraska, with the Irish as his leader.

Notre Dame has been Carter's top school through much of the recruiting process, with head coach Charlie Weis offering him a scholarship back on Sept. 1st, but a trip to Stanford two weekends ago put the Cardinal on top for a few days.

Over a week later, the effects of Carter's first-ever trip to Palo Alto have cooled a little, and Notre Dame is back in front to land his services.

"I don't know, nothing really changed," Carter said. "It's just that I know the cultures more, and I've just been there more, and they were the first ones to offer, and so that was really the main thing. I know they are really interested in me.

"I was able to think about it for a little bit. It just changed. It wasn't anything in particular. My feeling about it has changed."

Just like Carter's scholarship count continues to change. Nebraska is the latest school to jump into the picture with an offer, and Carter is looking to check out the Cornhuskers in person next month. From there, he hopes to make a decision in early May.

"Nebraska, I think it's the same as Notre Dame, just Notre Dame isn't as big school wise, and with academics I'm not really sure about Nebraska. I feel like football wise, it's just the same as Notre Dame with the fans, and somewhat with the tradition."

This past weekend, Carter attended a junior day at Wisconsin.

"I really liked it up there," he said. "The cultures are cool. It was a nice laid back junior day. I wasn't really running around."

Carter isn't sure if he'll visit Notre Dame again before deciding. He's already been on campus for camp, the Michigan game and a junior day back in January, but there is a chance he might make it back for a spring practice or the Blue-Gold game.

Carter remains in regular touch with the Irish coaching staff. One of the first recruits new defensive line coach Randy Hart contacted was Carter.

"He was just getting in, I don't think he was even in South Bend yet," Carter said. "He was starting to move there. He was a very nice guy. Sounded like a fiery guy just like my defensive line coach at my school. I think it's the same way."

Carter also keeps up with assistant coach Rob Ianello. They spoke last week.

"He said he wants me to come down there and meet coach Hart, so we can really talk face to face, and so I can see how coach Hart practices."

This past season, Carter had 22 solos tackles, 20 assists, eight tackles for loss, four quarterback hurries, three pass deflections and one interception. He camped at Notre Dame in the summer, and impressed the coaching staff so much, the Irish officially offered a scholarship on the first day class-of-2010 prospects were allowed to garner them. As a sophomore, Carter racked up 64 tackles. Top Stories