James Is High On Notre Dame

Prized offensive tackle recruit Matt James lives a street away from Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph. The two Cincinnati families know each other well, and when Rudolph was home recently, he got in touch with the St. Xavier High standout.

"Kyle was in town with a few other players, and he was trying to meet up, and he text me a couple times, but I wasn't around," Matt James explained.

The two weren't able to hang out then, but they'll be getting together real soon.

The 6-foot-7, 285-pound James will be returning to Notre Dame's campus in the coming month for a spring practice. He may also attend the Irish's spring game.

"A spring practice, that's pretty much a definite thing," James stated. "The problem with the Blue-Gold game is we are on spring break, and we'll be on vacation. My parents are flying me back three days early, but I don't know how I'll get there, I might have to find a ride with someone or something."

While James isn't sure about that, the recruiting picture is beginning to become more clear. With offers from the likes of Notre Dame, Ohio State, Florida, Michigan, Stanford and Tennessee, James is getting close to narrowing down favorites.

"I think I'd say my top three is Ohio State, Notre Dame and Cincinnati," he said. "I'm still keeping my options open, but things are getting hectic.

"I look at my calendar, I have a calendar with all my stuff on it, and I look at it, and I have the SAT one weekend, a visit here, a visit there. I think I'll narrow my list, not sure what I'm going to limit it to, but I'm going to do it in the next couple weeks."

Besides Notre Dame, this spring, James is looking to visit Vanderbilt, LSU, the schools in the Carolinas while on vacation, and Ohio State again before trimming his list of favorites.

Irish assistant coach Jon Tenuta has been recruiting James, and new offensive line coach Frank Verducci has also been sending letters.

"I just like the prestige of the school, both academically and athletically," James said. He visited the campus for the Pittsburgh game during the fall. "I've only been up there once so far, but everything I hear about it is great. I'm hoping to get more visits up there to look around."

When he's in South Bend, James will be looking to see how he fits in with the Notre Dame players and coaches.

"The comfort level there, the coaching staff, that's what I'll look for," James said. "Just trying to get a better look at the campus."

James says it will be ideal if he could make his college decision before the kickoff of his senior season, but isn't sure when he'll be verbally committed.

"If I make up my mind, I'll decide, but I'm not going to rush a decision for something this important," James explained. "It'd be nice, but I don't want to rush this decision."

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