Devon Carrington Talks About ND

Over the past week, Devon Carrington has been getting acquainted with Notre Dame assistant coach Randy Hart. On Monday night, Hart told the 6-foot-1, 190-pound safety from Hamilton High in Chandler, Ariz., that it was time to talk to another Irish coach.

Hart asked Devon Carrington to give him a call on Tuesday morning, so he could put him on the phone with head coach Charlie Weis. Carrington was ready to give Weis a ring right then and there.

"I couldn't wait to make that call because I wanted to talk to coach Weis and find out all about Notre Dame," Carrington said.

Before he spoke with Weis, Carrington chatted with Hart again.

"He asked if I celebrate St. Patrick's Day, because it's a big day here for the Irish, and it's going to be a big day for you too," Carrington recapped.

And it definitely was.

Weis and Notre Dame became the fifth program to offer Carrington, joining Arizona, Arizona State, California and Stanford.

"He told me he liked my film and he liked the way I played, and he said they have a specific need at my position in the future, and I'm going to go ahead and make the offer," Carrington said.

"It's huge coming from Notre Dame, because of all the history and tradition of the program, and they're academically strong which is huge for me."

Carrington was huge for Hamilton High this past fall. In helping lead the Huskies to a class 5-A state championship, Carrington racked up 77 tackles, four sacks and two interceptions.

Carrington's father Darryl was present for the Notre Dame offer.

"Oh man," the elder Carrington exclaimed. "Whew! It's awesome. It's like am I dreaming? Notre Dame is top of the mountain right there. It's pretty awesome."

That's how Carrington's head coach, Steve Belles, a former Irish quarterback felt as well. Because Hamilton is on spring break, he wasn't able to share the moment with the Carrington family in person.

"I sent him a text and he said he was really excited, and couldn't wait to get back to talk about it," Carrington explained.

Carrington has yet to visit a college campus. He expects to visit Arizona and Arizona State this spring. As far as his other offers, he's not sure.

Carrington would like to make a decision during the early part of his senior season after taking a couple of his official visits. If he doesn't trip to Notre Dame this summer, he'll do it in the fall on the Irish's dime.

"We definitely have to get to South Bend without question," Darryl Carrington stated. "It's a definite."

Carrington would like to major in business.

"I'm looking for a good academic school, early playing time and a good fit at the school," Carrington said. Top Stories