Irish Turn Eyes At Pro Day

Terrail Lambert, Asaph Schwapp and Pat Kuntz were among the players who helped themselves at Thursday's workouts. David Bruton only participated in some of the drills while David Grimes did not work out at all.

Eight former Notre Dame football players worked out for scouts from 21 NFL teams at the Loftus Center on Thursday as the school held its annual Pro Day.

Defensive linemen Justin Brown and Pat Kuntz, defensive backs David Bruton and Terrail Lambert, linebacker Maurice Crum Jr., fullback Asaph Schwapp and offensive lineman Michael Turkovich worked out for the scouts. They were joined by their former teammate, tight end Marcus Freeman, who graduated after the 2006 season, as well as St. Francis defensive back Paul Carter and Valparaiso offensive lineman Ryan Kozy.

Wide receiver David Grimes did not participate because he is recovering from offseason back surgery.

Bruton was the only member of the Irish invited to last month's NFL Combine and his coach felt good enough about his performances there to advise him only participate in position-specific drills.

"When you nail the combine like he did, you don't do the measurable again," Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis said.

"I don't feel like I would have messed it up, but Coach Weis advised me not to do anything," Bruton said. "I'm going to let my combine numbers stand because even if I had a better 40 out this time it would still be considered the second fastest at the combine."

Lambert probably boosted his stock the most by running a 4.37 and a 4.36 in the 40-yard dash. Both times were faster than those posted by any defensive player at the Combine.

"He got everybody's attention because what happens is all the scouts share these times," Weis said of Lambert. "So within a couple of hours all 32 teams will know those times and that automatically gets everyone's attention."

Lambert thought he could have run even faster.

"I was hoping to get a 4.2, but I kind of slipped at the start," he said. "But I'll take a 4.3. It's cool."

Lambert's times had Bruton feeling competitive.

"I said, ‘Terrail, me and you should race. We're going to finish this right now,'" Bruton said. "Maybe next week him and me will race."

Schwapp and Kuntz showed off their strength with the 225-pound bench press. Schwapp did 33 reps and Kuntz did 31. Only three players did more reps than Schwapp's 33 at the Combine and all three were offensive linemen while Kuntz's number would have tied him for eighth among defensive players at the Combine.

"When you're an interior defensive lineman or a fullback, the thing they're looking for is how strong you are," Weis said. "Asaph put up 33 on the bench and Kuntz put up 31 on the bench. To be honest with you, that's almost a magical number when you get that number in the bench in the 30s. It automatically gets everyone's attention.

"Asaph is a guy who may be marginal for some teams, but any team who is looking for a blocking fullback, you have to be looking for a blocking fullback, but any team looking for a blocking fullback can get somebody like Asaph. Because instead of having a veteran for $800,000 or $900,000, you can get a guy for a third of the money to do the exact same thing."

Kuntz did not feel his number was accurate.

"I got robbed," he said. "I shorted a few of them in the beginning, four, so they ended up counting 31. So do the math, it's around 35."

Weis did not want to say that this would be the worst group of seniors as far as NFL potential, but did acknowledge that the Irish would be sending more players to the next level in the future.

"This will be the last class that will have this low a volume. I'm not going to say it's worse because I'm rooting for them," he said. "When they talk to me about the kids for next year, they asked me about roughly 15 different guys. Even backup guys here were people they were asking about. They didn't ask that going into this year."

Notre Dame players Armando Allen, Jimmy Clausen, Michael Floyd, Kyle McCarthy, Nate Montana, Sam Young, John Goodman, Ethan Johnson, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Sergio Brown, Kerry Neal, Darius Fleming, Harrison Smith, Trevor Robinson, Brandon Walker were in attendance cheering on their teammates.


Justin Brown
40-Yard Dash ­ 4.84, 4.82
Pro Agility ­ 4.51
3-Cone Drill ­ 7.57
60-Yard Shuttle ­ Did not attempt
Vertical ­ 33 inches
Broad Jump ­ 9-3
Bench Press ­ 23

David Bruton
Only participated in position drills

Maurice Crum Jr.
40-Yard Dash ­ 4.87, 4.87
Pro Agility ­ 4.64
3-Cone Drill ­ 7.37
60-Yard Shuttle ­ 12.08
Vertical ­28 1/2 inches
Broad Jump ­ 8-9
Bench Press ­ 18

David Grimes
Did not participate

Pat Kuntz
40-Yard Dash ­ 5.07, 5.05
Pro Agility ­ 4.37
3-Cone Drill ­ 7.37
60-Yard Shuttle ­ Did not attempt
Vertical ­ 32 inches
Broad Jump ­ 8-7.5
Bench Press ­ 31

Terrail Lambert
40-Yard Dash ­ 4.37, 4.36
Pro Agility ­ 4.07
3-Cone Drill ­ 6.85
60-Yard Shuttle ­ 11.24
Vertical ­35.5 inches
Broad Jump ­ 10-4
Bench Press ­ 15

Asaph Schwapp
40-Yard Dash ­ 5.07, 5.10
Pro Agility ­ 4.48
3-Cone Drill ­ 7.61
60-Yard Shuttle ­ Did not attempt
Vertical ­ 30.5 inches
Broad Jump ­ 9-3
Bench Press ­ 33

Mike Turkovich
40-Yard Dash ­ 5.59, 5.51
Pro Agility ­ Did not attempt
3-Cone Drill ­ Did not attempt
60-Yard Shuttle ­ Did not attempt
Vertical ­ 28.5 inches
Broad Jump ­ 8-8.5
Bench Press ­ 23

Marcus Freeman
40-Yard Dash ­ 4.79, 4.75
Pro Agility ­ 4.27
3-Cone Drill ­ 7.14
60-Yard Shuttle ­ 12.20
Vertical ­ 32.5 inches
Broad Jump ­ 9-7
Bench Press ­ 22 Top Stories