Practice Report 3/23

Notre Dame was inside for its third day of spring practice on Monday and the first day of full pads. As always, Irish Eyes was on hand for the first 20 minutes.

Notre Dame was inside for its third day of spring practice on Monday. For the first time this spring, the Irish practiced in full pads inside the Loftus Center.

Monday also served as receiver Golden Tate's first day of spring practice after spending the first two with the Notre Dame baseball today. Monday also marked the return of receiver Michael Floyd who was not at the media portion of the practice on Saturday.

Joe Montana was at practice today and sat and chatted with Charlie Weis as the team stretched.

The assistant coaches are still getting to know the new student managers who have the job of handing out bubble gum to the coaches during stretching.

There was a group of recruits at practice today that were wearing Chaminade gear. Rob Ianello chatted with the players as they entered the facility. Defensive end prospect Kenneth McClendon of DeSmet Jesuit was also at practice.

Offensive lineman Taylor Dever rode a stationary bike while the team went through form running. The vast majority of the team was in full pads, but Dever along with receiver George West, offensive lineman Trevor Robinson, defensive end Kerry Neal and linebackers Darius Fleming and Anthony McDonald were dressed in helmets and shorts.

The team was especially chatty during its first indoor practice.

Jimmy Clausen teased cornerback Robert Blanton about his facemask.

"Hey R.J., you've got to change that facemask, you look like a linebacker," said Clausen. "You've got a big facemask on a little body."

Tony Alford was very serious as he put the running backs through agility drills and was clearly upset when walk-on fullback Mike Narvaez fumbled during the drill. When Narvaez got upset with himself instead of jumping on the ball, Alford said, "Pick up the damn ball. You can't play without it."

Frank Verducci put his linemen through a four-cone agility drill to work on their footwork. Matt Romine has a Barry Bonds-like brace on his left arm, similar to the one receiver Duval Kamara is sporting. Verducci explains concepts to his players clearly and then asks them to tell him when things go wrong.

"You have to watch every rep and learn from the mistakes others make," he said.

The defensive line was the only position group to engage in any real contact during the first 20 minutes as Randy Hart put the group through a drill that seemed to be designed to have players work through double-teams. Top Stories